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1️⃣ Essay for kids for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1.6 Minutes
2️⃣ Essay on My School for Class 6, 7, 8.3.3 Minutes
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An Essay on my school for children in class 1 to 5 in 100 to 150 words

A school is a place where our future is designed.
My school is one of the popular schools in my town.
My school’s name is S.M. Public school.
The building is very beautiful and vast.
It is situated in the middle of town.
There is a big auditorium for doing prayer.
It has a huge playground where I play with my friends.
It has fifty big classrooms with white, black, and green boards.
We also have a lawn and garden there.
The teachers of my school are very kind and caring to all students.

Our principal is a nice person. He never punishes anyone.
My school has a big library where we can read books.
Our science lab, the computer lab is very modern and well equipped.
Every day I learn new things there so I don’t miss any class.
We celebrate many functions at my school.
Our school brings us on a trip or picnic every year.
At the picnic, I and my friends do a lot of fun.
Our school also conducts many competitions related to speech, quiz, sports, and debates.
Last year I won a prize in a quiz competition.
I love my school very much as I feel very comfortable there.

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An Engaging Essay on my school for students in class 6 to 8 in 200 to 300 words

Essay on my school


Education is an important part of life for all of us. A school is a place where we gather knowledge. A school is like a life coach as it caters us the knowledge that we need for our entire life. School prepares us for our bright future. We can learn many new and different things daily there. It sparks curiosity within us. In school, we feel very comfortable just like at home. My school’s name is S.M. public school. It is just 5 kilometre far from my house. I go to school on my bicycle every day. It was established in 1985.

My School

My school is one of the renowned schools in my town. It has a big building having several classrooms, a principal office, a staff room, an auditorium, a playground, a computer lab, a science lab, and a big library. The building of my school is painted in red. I feel very blessed to have a prestigious school to study in. All the rooms are well equipped and properly ventilated. There is a garden in my school where plants and trees are planted. We can feel the nature in that garden. My school is famous for its discipline and qualified teachers.

Along with studies, our school organizes various extracurricular activities such as dancing, karate, singing, and drawing. It conducts several competitions every year such as sports, speeches, quizzes, and debates. Last year I participated in a sports competition and won the first prize. I like to read books so I spend most of my time in the library. My teachers are very caring to all the students and all of them have an attractive personality. I like all of my teachers as they not only teach us but also motivate us. They are always stand by to help us grow in life.

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In conclusion, studying in one of the prestigious colleges is a fortune to me. My school has blessed me with great teachers, a very generous principal sir, a lot of friends, and lots of fun. A very important lesson that I learned from here is how to learn anything. The more I praise to my school is less. I will always be very thankful to my school for preparing me as a decent and well-educated person.

A Winning Essay on my school for students in class 9 to 12 in 500 to 600 words

Main Headings for This Essay on My School

  1. Introduction
  2. Building, environment, and staff
  3. What makes my school different from others
  4. What I learned from my school
  5. Why I love studying here
  6. Final words (Conclusion)


School is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. It defines our bright future. We enrol in school for acquiring education. Education is the most important thing for good tomorrow. Education guides us for our entire life. Education means to gather knowledge of something in a systematic way.

A school awakens creativity within us. It makes us hungry for knowledge and curious about new information. It is a learning point where we learn a lot of things be it a subject or any type of skill. It helps the students to develop their personality and a decent attitude. I study in S.M. public school which is a very famous school in our area. It was established in 1985. It is not so far from my house so I go there by bicycle.

Building, environment, and staff

The beautiful building of my school is three-story and painted in red colour. It has several classrooms that are properly ventilated and well equipped. I feel very comfortable in my school just like at my home. We also have a computer lab, a science lab, a playground, an auditorium, and a big library.

In the garden, there are numerous types of plants and trees. The environment of my school is very pleasant that can mesmerize anyone. My school principal is very generous and he hardly punishes any student. The teachers are highly qualified and caring.

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What makes my school different from others

In my school, every student is treated equally but taught differently depending upon their level of understanding. The sole purpose of my school is to prepare its students for good tomorrow. Weak students that need special attention get individual assistance to grow their understanding level.

Our school prepares its students not only for acquiring good marks but also for overall development to help them in their lives. We can learn everything practically for understanding the concept behind them.

What I learned from my school

If you ask me what I have learned from my school, it will be a difficult task for me to answer this question in one sentence because I have learned a lot of things there. I learned moral values, ethics, and good manners. My artistic skills are developed here and for which

I have won many awards in different types of competitions. It taught me how to think creatively so that we can solve our problems in life. I have been taught there to be very kind for everyone be it a human or an animal.

why I love studying here

I love to learn different things and a school is a place where my passion gets a platform. I can also do many interesting things here like playing games, reading books at the library, having fun in the canteen, and gossipping with my friends. I love to wander in the garden of my school because I feel very close to nature there. And the most important thing is all my doubts get an end.

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Final words (Conclusion)

I am very thankful to God for having me in a school. I found very kind teachers there and good friends for life. I learned many invaluable skills. The lessons taught at school are not taught anywhere else. I will always be grateful to my teachers lifelong for preparing me as a good personality.

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Faq’s- Essay on My school

  1. What is high school?

    In India, Class 10 is also known as high school and Matriculation.

  2. Why is school education important?

    School education is important for any one so that one can explore more things of world, to get a systematic learning as well.

  3. How to write an essay on my school?

    Follow these steps to write an essay on my school.
    1. Start with an engaging paragraph
    2. You can use some quotes in starting
    3. You can use questions in the introduction
    4. Mind map about the subheadings or subsections
    5. Think and write creatively
    6. Give a conclusion with finishing touch.

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