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My Aim In Life Paragraph [Top 3 Best]

My Aim In Life Paragraph: What is your aim in life? This is one common question asked to students many times in their school life. Some of them say they want to become a doctor, some say to become an engineer. That is why teachers ask them to write paragraphs on this same topic so that they can find out their true aim in life.

Having an aim in life is quite important for all of us because without an aim life becomes meaningless. An aim helps us decide what we want and what we don’t. It also pushes us to work constantly and efficiently. In fact, unlike animals, we have a choice to set an aim. So we should take benefit of being human.

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#1. My Aim To Become A computer Engineer

Today, Computers have become an important part of each field. We can not imagine a life without the use of computers. I have had a great interest in computers since my childhood. So my aim in life is to become a computer engineer.

Most people find it difficult to learn computers and programming languages. But for me, it seems like an adventure. It is a subject I can never be bored of. As a student, I have to study many other subjects but whenever I get some free time I sit in front of my PC to learn something new.

#2. My Aim To Become A Businessman

My father is a businessman. I see him working for his business. Whenever he finds some free hours, we sit together to talk. He tells me some of the fundamentals of business. Gradually, I developed an interest in the business. Therefore, Becoming a businessman is my aim in life.

The life of a businessman is not as simple as most people think. It involves smart work, strategy, customer experience, after-sales service and many more things. The main goal of any business is to solve a problem of the general public and serve them with the best product at an affordable price.

There are a number of business schools around the globe that teaches business strategies and concepts. These schools also conduct studies on various businesses. These case studies help schools and their students to understand the recent changes in the market.

I am currently studying in a school but I aspire to study at a good business school where I can learn more about business.

#3. My Aim To Become A Lawyer

My aim in life is to become a lawyer because my diplomatic skills are good. There are other various reasons that inspire me to pursue a degree in Law. First of all, I like to take a stand for those who are not capable of raising voices for their rights.

Second, Unlawful activities draw my attention quickly so I show my response when people are cheated or maltreated. I did not lose my confidence while fighting for the right. The third reason, I see poor people suffer a lot these days and still, they did not get justice. I have decided to fetch them their true justice.

The profession of lawyer is not a bed of roses. It is no less than a game of chess which involves proper strategy and concentration. A good lawyer never loses hope until the last hearing of the case. He tries to find the best way to attain a win.

Lawyers need high educational standards and brilliance. I always desired to have this grade of intelligence and stability. In short, I want to become a lawyer for both personal and professional growth. I know, that being a good lawyer will make me a well-balanced, adaptable, and patient person.

My Aim In Life Paragraph - Lawyer

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