Paragraph On Online Classes

Paragraph on Online Classes [100, 150 words]

Everything has changed its initial form. The speedy pace of change has also influenced the methodology of education by changing its nature. No, it is not completely changed but a new way of delivering education came into existence.

Q1. write a paragraph on online classes in 100 words.

Change is the rule of the universe. Everything is transforming. Similarly, the methods of teaching have also been changing for a prolonged time. With the transition in technology, we have discovered a new way of teaching called online classes or online education.

This mode of catering education has a lot of benefits which makes it more appealing. On the other hand, there are many detrimental effects of online classes. But it depends on the student what he or she is taking out of it.

It is also known as E-learning. Most colleges and institutions are adopting E-learning strategies. Most significantly, it has made the lives easier of physically challenged people.

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Q2. write a paragraph on online classes in 150 words.

Online classes are the latest model of delivering education and learning. This method involves the use of the internet and compatible devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets etc. With advanced and upgraded technology, this method has made learning easier and more interactive.

Online classes allow you to study in the comfort zone of your home. You don’t require to rush to a specific place. You can even take classes during travelling or out of the station. Moreover, You can learn from different mentors and teachers who belong to different places or institutions.

Most noteworthy, Online classes offer you a chance to save time. You can use this saved time in other activities. This way you can make yourself more productive. But Online education can also cause vision issues as we sit near a screen for long hours. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on your physical well-being.

Paragraph On Online Classes- 100 words

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