Essay On My Favourite Book

Essay on My Favourite Book For Students

History is witness that books might play a crucial role in shaping the personality of a person. Not only do they contain walls of text but they also incorporate facts and experiences.

There is a saying, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend”. This saying is true because books always stand by you to share your happiness and sorrow as well. In this essay, we will discuss how to write an essay on your favourite book.


Believe it or not, books give you the best values. Most people admit that reading books can enhance your personality and help you to be recognised as a decent individual. I am very fond of reading books since my childhood. Whatever book I found be it related to my studies or not, I read.

My journey of reading books is quite inspiring. I have read a lot of books so far. Each book has taught me a new lesson. But among all those books, one is my favourite which changed my view to see the world. I am talking about the world’s first and most inspirational book- “Bhagavad Geeta”.

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Essay On My Favourite Book- Introduction

My favourite Book- is Bhagavad Geeta

Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest books in the world. The book contains lord Krishna’s message to war-frightened Arjuna when he was on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. In reality, the Kurukshetra symbolises human life where a common man fights the problems of life.

This book sums up the entire philosophy of life. One who comprehends the Gita understands much about the materialistic world and the subjective world. This book has influenced many people around the globe. People who read this book sang its glory.

Thoreau, the famous American philosopher, said, “I bathe my intellect with Bhagavad Gita every morning.” No other book satisfies the soul as does the Gita.

Why do I like this book?

I like this book very much because it is very easy to understand. This book has explored the deepest levels of thinking and understanding. Today, Psychology is trying to understand the concepts that have already been explained in this book hundreds of years ago.

The objective world has many things to understand but this book helps us understand the subjective world. This book makes us understand our body, mind, soul, emotions, fears, desires, anxiety etc.

It is not wrong to say- “One book that fits all”. Because there are many chapters, each of those chapters guides a specific mindset. For Example: “Gyan Yoga” is suitable for those who are intelligent enough to understand complex concepts.

“Bhakti Yoga” is for those who are devotees of God. And “Karma Yoga” is suitable for those who like to indulge in their works. This book made me a die-hard fan of Lord Krishna. He discussed each problem of human life, which we face one or another day.

The Importance of Reading Book

No doubt books are human’s inventions but they are better companions than humans. Books enable us to improve our inner selves and furnish us with the best and most precise knowledge. Reading some pages of a good book daily will improve your analytical brain and will develop a sense of argument for different topics and issues.

Reading different books from different genres and different authors conveys to us different ideologies from society. Doing so will also develop a skill to understand human psychology and different thinking patterns.


To sum it up, In life, many different things influence us deeply. For me, it is my favourite book- “Bhagavad Geeta”. which changed the way I look at the world. This book makes us understand our body, mind, soul, emotions, fears, desires, anxiety etc. To be honest, each human being should read this book at least once in life.

Essay On My Favourite Book- Conclusion

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