Essay On My Mother [With Headings]

Essay on My Mother– In philosophy, it is said that when God found it difficult to protect the whole world, he made mothers. Mothers are a priceless gift from God for each living being. They are the base of life on the planet and the source of continuation of life on earth.

A mother understands her children’s feelings at the best. No one can replace a mother’s love and affection. Every son or daughter connects to his/her mother at the deepest level. Mothers can intuit their children’s feelings from anywhere.

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10 Lines Essay On My Mother For Kids | Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  1. ✔ My mother’s name is Pari Sharma. She is a school teacher.
  2. ✔ She is very beautiful and pretty. She cares for me and my family.
  3. ✔ She loves me very much and I also love her very much.
  4. ✔ She is my first friend in life. She sometimes plays with me.
  5. ✔ I like to be with my mother and enjoy her company.
  1. ✔ She cooks very tasty food for me. She buys me toys and new clothes.
  2. ✔ My mother teaches me and helps me in my study.
  3. ✔ She does not punish me but tells me to do good things.
  4. ✔ She tells me nice stories at night and I like to listen to stories.
  5. ✔ She wakes up in the morning early before everyone in my family.
  1. ✔ After some time she wakes me up and helps me to get ready for school.
  2. ✔ I do not know how she knows everything I need before I ask.
  3. ✔ I discuss everything with her after returning from school.
  4. ✔ I pray to god to keep my mother safe and healthy.

A Short Essay On My Mother | 250 Words | Class 6, 7, 8


 Essay On My Mother | Introduction

Mothers are a priceless gift from God to each one. They are the base of life and the source of the continuation of life on earth. Rudyard Kipling has said that “God could not be everywhere so he made Mother”. So ultimately mothers are a form of God.

I treat my mother as God because this is our culture. Mother is the only person in everyone’s life who doesn’t need any words to observe their children’s feelings.

Why I Love My Mother

My mother ” Shraddha Desai” is my pride. She had sacrificed many things for me. She always knows what I need even without what I ask for it. My mother is my first friend and the first love of my life. She is my role model from when I was not able to speak.

I discuss all the happenings in my life with her. I love her company. I can’t live a single without talking to her. She is an inspiration to me. Every child loves her parents very much. I too love my parents. But the bond which connects me with my mother is very unique. she loves me unconditionally.

She had devoted many nights to me. She always cared for me when I was not able to tell my needs. She always understood what I needed. My mother is an excellent example of love, affection, and sacrifice. She stands by me in every situation and even can fight with anyone for me.


At last, Without a mother, there is no fun in life. Mothers are our strength and inspiration. They always guide us for our future. My mother is a perfect combination of love, devotion, and sacrifices. I love her more than anyone. I can do anything for my mother as she did countless things for me. I pray to God for her to keep her happy forever.

Long Essay On My Mother | 500 Words | Class 9, 10, 11 & 12

Main Headings for Essay

  1. Intro
  2. A Brief Intro
  3. Her Love And Devotion
  4. A Unique Connection
  5. How To Support Mothers
  6. Final words


A mother is your first friend, your best friend, and your friend forever. My mother is a role model for me since I was not even able to say something. She fulfilled all my needs from when I was born. she helped me in every small and big achievement of life And is the only one who feels very happy after every success of mine.

I always find my mother standing by me, irrespective of what my condition is. She took care of me when I was a baby. She taught me how to walk. She was very happy when I speak out my first word.

A Brief Intro

The name of my mother is Veena Pandey. She is a nurse by profession and works at swami Vivekananda hospital. I love her not because she is my mother. I appreciate her because she takes care of every small and big thing. My mother is not so strong physically but she handles all the obstacles of life boldly.

Additionally, She is very kind towards anyone be it a human being or an animal. She works hard at the hospital and assists the patients there and everyone in the hospital admires her immensely. I get inspired by her and how she maintains all that.

Her Love And Devotion

A mother is a true definition of love and affection. No one can take place of a mother. Her unconditional love is never found anywhere. The way a mother loves her child is incomparable. When I was born she devoted all her nights and days to me.

Also, She had taken care of me for a long period when I was helpless but she did not expect anything in return. This is the true meaning of love and devotion. Her behaviour is not only for me but she treats everyone the same way.

A Unique Connection

Everyone can feel a unique connection to their mothers. The way she can understand me, no one other in the world. She can even sense my feelings from a large distance. My mother always supported me in every phase of my life. She encourages me to go ahead in life. I can feel the power in her words when she motivates me.

I can not stay without talking to my mother for a single day. I discuss it daily with my mother. whenever I was in trouble, she was always there for me. I love her very much as I am not apart from her but a part of her.

How To Support Mothers

A mother has to manage many things in life. We should appreciate her for this skill because remembering and managing everything in life is not an easy task for everyone. We should talk to her politely with a smile.

Apart from that, we can assist her in domestic work. And try to get her free from all this shit once a week. Always support her in her problems and don’t leave her alone because of any reason. Give her some surprises to see her smiling.


To sum it up, A mother is a form of God. She is a combination of love, struggle, and limitless courage. I am very thankful to God for blessing me with my mother. Not just my mother but all the mothers in the world deserves powerful praise. I pray to God to grant everyone on the planet a mother like mine.

 Essay On My Mother | Conclusion

If you want to give your essay on my mother a special look you can add some quotes on mothers.


  1. How to write an essay on My Mother?

    It is very simple to write an essay on my mother. Just recall her qualities and her nature. Plan your essay first and write it down in a clean structure. You can get an idea from this post.

  2. How important are mothers?

    Mothers are very important to us because they are always our well-wishers, our friend, and much more than that. They are the ones who can understand us even without any words.

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