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Essay on My Village: For those who live in villages, they get peace, pure oxygen, organic vegetables, fresh milk and many other things. These things are hard to find in the city’s marketplace. There are countless benefits of living in a village. But villages also lack some important facilities.

Human beings are social creatures so they live in groups. Some live in small groups while others like to live in big groups. This is how different types of habitats came into existence. A village is a place where less than 5000 people live. Villages are called the rural part of the country.

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Free from the crowd, pollution and other impurities, villages are the best places to live in. Of course, villages lack many facilities but today they are growing modern and full of facilities. Living in a village is a wonderful experience. In countries like India, 70 % population lives in villages.

It is obvious that nothing exists without advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to villages. Yes, they are the best living places of all. But due to the lack of modern facilities, Many people avoid living in villages. In fact, some villagers shift to cities for these reasons.

Essay on My Village- Introduction


I live in Narayanpur, a village in Uttar Pradesh. I love my village very much because of its peaceful and refreshing environment. In my village, you can see flowers, fruits, trees, plants, fields, gardens, ponds, canals, temples, animals, birds, etc. Many houses in my village are made of mud.

The wet soil welcomes you with its lovely fragrance. Various types of birds are seen flying under the blue sky. You can clearly hear the chirping of birds in a village. The singing of birds fascinates the mind. The sunrise and the sunset look no less than a scenery as if nature got an opportunity to reveal its true beauty.

Every morning I wake up before sunrise and I go to walk alongside the fields where farmers do their works of agriculture. Seeing green fields all around I feel very pleased. Actually, My father is also a farmer. Whenever I go to my fields with my father, I come to know about many varieties of crops and farming methods.

This inspires me to pursue further education in the agricultural field so that I can help farmers by simplifying complex farming tasks.


Village life is full of advantages. First of all, It is very beneficial from a health perspective because of the pollution-free environment. In cities like Delhi, normal breathing is equal to smoking eight cigarettes a day. Hence, villages are far better for living a healthy life.

Another great advantage is its peaceful environment which is free from irritating sounds of traffic and crowd. You can experience the real joy of peace. Villages are best for students because a peaceful environment helps them concentrate on their studies and prevents distractions.

In summers, The slow breeze provides the best-conditioned air which cools you down as nothing else can. In winters, The sunlight exposes itself in its purest form. In the spring season, you can explore the real beauty of nature. And the essence of the rainy season is exceptional.

Moreover, people living in villages are of helping in nature and are humble towards humans, animals, and birds. They strongly believe in God, rituals, worship and prayers. Also, moral values hold a specific significance in villages.


Because of the tiny population, Schools, hospitals, and other organisations do not prefer to cater their services in villages. Due to this reason, people tend to shift to cities to have quality education and a convenient lifestyle.

Apart from this, there are very limited means of earning. Agriculture is the primary source of income for villagers, which hardly helps them meet their needs. So, to counter this situation, villagers also keep various domestic animals in their homes to earn an additional penny to sustain their living.

Unfortunately, despite doing a lot of hard work they do not earn much money that can help them level up their lifestyle. That’s why people move to the city so that they can earn more money.

CONCLUSION- Essay on My Village

To sum it up, I am proud of being a villager because villages are the places that sustain our true culture today. Villages offer us the best version of our needs whether it is water, air or food. Moreover, all four seasons will offer you a distinct experience.

Essay on My Village- Conclusion

Faq’s- Essay On My Village

  1. What are some advantages of a village?

    A village provides you with the environment to live which is full of pure oxygen, fresh water and organic food. Other than this, you can escape the hazardous effects of pollution.

  2. What are some disadvantages of a village?

    Villages provide the best habitat for humans but they lack many important facilities like quality education, good medical services and a convenient lifestyle.

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