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Essay on Save Environment [Short + Long]

Essay On Save Environment- The conditions in which we all live are called the environment. To live a good and healthy life, it is needed to be in a good environment. So, We should stress to save our environment.

The environment is the base of the life cycle. It is the most precious gift of nature. But now our environment is in danger. Saving the environment is very important for living a comfortable life.

Short Essay On Save Environment | 250 Words


The conditions or surroundings in which we all live are called the environment. The main elements of the environment are air, water, temperature, weather conditions and more.

If any of these elements gets disturbed from their real form, we will have to face harmful effects and serious problems. For example, if the temperature goes very high or very low, it will result in an uncomfortable life.

Essay on Save Environment | Introduction

The Importance of the Environment

Long ago our earth developed a perfect environment for life. All living beings completely depend on the environment to live a comfortable life. But we humans have used it just for the sake of earning more money. We are damaging the environment more and more daily.

As a result, the real form of the initial environment is getting changed. This change is also known as climate change.

The main causes that result in changes in the environment are pollution of all types, the problem of global warming, and deforestation. But human activities are considered the biggest cause of it.

Save Environment Save Life

As we know that damaged environment risks the expectancy of life. We need to take some steps immediately to save the environment and revert it to its original form. Deforestation needs to be stopped fully because trees are our best friends and they create a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Pollution of all types must be controlled at each level. It is the greatest enemy of the environment. Individuals and government together need to do their duties to control it. Humans can use a bicycle for covering short distances.

The use of electric vehicles should be increased. Apart from this, Waste management, Recycling, and using natural resources efficiently are some powerful ways to save our environment from damage.


To sum it up, The environment is the base of the life cycle. It is the most precious gift of nature. But now our environment is in danger. Saving the environment is very important for living a comfortable life. It is the biggest challenge for humans to revert the environment to its real state. But nothing is impossible.

Long Essay On Save Environment | 500 words


The environment consists of many elements but air, water, weather and temperature are very chief among all them. From our first breath to death, We all are sustained by the environment. It equips us with every small or big requirement in life.

To live a comfortable life all living beings demand a perfect environment. But it is getting changed day by day. And this is an alarming threat to humanity and also to the expectancy of life on Earth. It is time to fix the problem and get the initial form of the environment back to normal.

Threats to the environment

There are some natural and some man-made threats to the environment. The first reason is pollution which disbalances the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Global warming is the second reason for the change in the average temperature of the earth. Although it is partially caused by natural events. But with some effort, it can be controlled.

Most noteworthy, Deforestation is a major threat to ecological disbalance. The number of trees on the planet is lowering at a high speed. On the other hand, the plantation of new trees is very slow. Another threat is the conversion of forests into farmlands and factories.

Causes for changing environment

If we talk about the causes of climate change, human activities get the first rank. Humans have damaged the environment seriously.

After the industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuels increased drastically which causes a high amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Carbon dioxide is the main reason for human-induced climate change.

Furthermore, there are some natural causes for the change in the environment. The energy we get from the Sun is not constant, it varies over time and impacts the environment. Another reason is emissions from volcanoes. Apart from these, natural greenhouse gases impact the environment at a huge level.

Save Environment Save Earth

To save the earth and keep it suitable for living beings, it is important to save the environment. The environment of the earth has developed over millions of years.

As we know an imperfect environment risks the prospect of life. We need to take some steps promptly to save the environment and revert it to its pure form.

For the sake of earning more money, we humans are exploiting the environment. As a result, we are to face a lot of issues that are affecting our lives. Now the time has come to help the environment because we depend on the environment.

Ways to Save the Environment

Changes in the environment are neither completely caused by humans nor fully by natural events. The causes are at both levels. We can put some effort to save the environment.

Pollution Control- The problem of pollution is becoming a grieve threat to humanity and to the environment as well. This issue needs to be controlled soon.

Reforestation- As we know that air plays an important role in the environment, so reforestation can be proven a full-fledged solution to revert the issue to normal.

3 R’s formula- First “R” is about Reduce which means to reduce the production of unnecessary products. The second “R” talks about Reuse which mean using the available things efficiently. And the last one refers to Recycling things to make them reusable.

Forest conservation- This is a great way to save the environment because growing new trees demand a long time than saving the existing ones.

Soil Conservation- This is yet another significant way to save the Environment. This is not easy but very helpful. We need to control floods, landslides, and soil erosion.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In conclusion, the environment has helped life to sustain itself on Earth. But it is now going in an adverse direction. The harsh reality is that human activities are considered the most impacting cause. Now it is a need of the hour to save the environment. However, the healing process will take time, but continuous efforts will make a difference.

Essay on Save Environment | Conclusion


  1. When is world environment day?

    The environment is celebrated on 5th June every year to spread awareness about environmental issues.

  2. What are threats to the environment?

    The main threats to the environment are the increasing amount of carbon dioxide, The increasing temperature of the earth’s surface and Deforestation.

  3. Why is our environment changing?

    There are many factors in a rapidly changing environment. Some are natural and some are man-made. Global warming, pollution, deforestation and changes in the climate are some of the main reasons.

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