Speech On Female Foeticide

Speech On Female Foeticide [1-3 minutes]

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Speech For 1 to 2 Minutes

I cordially welcome all of you gathered here. I am here to share my thoughts on female foeticide. Before I start my speech, I would like to wish you a good day. Also, I want to thank you for having me this valuable opportunity.

Human society is made up of two main elements- males and females. Both of them possess equal rights. Unfortunately, one part is privileged and another is unprivileged. Most females are deprived of their fundamental rights. Most importantly, they are even deprived of living their lives.

In male-dominated societies, people practice female foeticide. It is the process of killing a girl child inside the womb. It is a modern-day curse. There is another crime called female infanticide which is an act of killing a girl after birth.

These practices cause a declined sex ratio. The number of females decline compared to that of males. This renders many other criminal activities like illicit trafficking of females, rapes, polygamy and dehumanization etc. This is not a moral way to treat a living being.

The main causes for this these crimes are the dowry system and weak financial conditions of a family etc. In India, marriage involves a gifting culture in which the daughter’s family have to gift expensive home appliances and a huge amount of cash. This creates fear for the family.

Apart from that, people think that a daughter belongs to someone else’s home while a son belongs to his own home. A male supports running the family expenses and helps in lineage growth. Hence, it became a mindset to prefer a son over a daughter.

No matter what people think, female foeticide or female infanticide is a crime. A person found guilty of doing this kind of crime can be punished. The punishment involves 3 years of imprisonment along with a monetary penalty.

In short, females are half a portion of society. They are our mothers, our sisters, and our life partners. We all need to take steps to save them. Thank you!

1 Minute Speech On Female Foeticide

3-Minute Speech On Female Foeticide

Good morning! All of you. I am here to share my thoughts on female foeticide. Before heading ahead to my speech, I would like to wish you all the best wishes and also want to pay thanks for having me this valuable opportunity.

It is very unpleasant for me to say that humans are the most selfish living beings on the planet. For the sake of satisfying their greed, they have exploited each element of nature. Not only do they exploit other living beings but they are also a threat to the human race. Guess How?

Let me inform you. In India, the findings of the census 2001 and 2011 show that the child sex ratio female to male decreased from 933:1000 to 918:1000. Most notably, this ratio was 976:1000 in 1961. This clearly signals the malpractices of “female foeticide” and “female infanticide”. I hope you are aware of these two terms.

Yet, I want to define them to annihilate any doubts. Female foeticide is the process of finding out the sex of the foetus and undergoing an abortion whereas female infanticide is the activity of killing a baby girl after birth. Both of these activities are illegal and come under criminal acts.

Despite being illegal many people practice female foeticide and female infanticide. But why do people do this? There is always a reason behind any illegal activity. Similarly, there are some reasons that drive people to execute these heinous crimes. Let’s discuss this.

The preference culture is the biggest culprit for these crimes. There are communities and societies that prefer a boy over a girl because they believe that “the son is an asset and the daughter is a liability”. This is because a male provides income support, manual labour, and family lineage to the family.

[Fact:– The research found that 86.7% of these crimes are done by the Hindu community in India.]

Now, why is a girl a liability? The reason is the financial burden caused by the dowry system. A huge amount of money is required for the marriage of a daughter for arranging dowry gifts. This forces people to take loans which have to be paid for generations. Sometimes people even have to sell their property.

The dowry system is also a curse for society but still, the dowry culture is gaining momentum. For this reason, girls are not only deprived of human rights but they also are deprived of living life. Hence, the elimination of this malpractice of the dowry system can help eliminate the crimes of female foeticide and female infanticide.

Thank you for listening to me. I hope you like my words.

3 Minutes Speech On Female Foeticide

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