Short Essay on Childhood Memories In 100- 150 Words

When we take birth, there is no memory in our brains. Everything looks so amazing and new. Newness fills us with either curiosity or excitement. Gradually, we learn about things that get stored in our brains. After we grow up a little, we start learning language and some common words by observation.

Thereafter, we take admission to schools where we learn a lot of new things and experience many things. These learnings and experiences are called childhood memories. Childhood memories are the first memories of one’s life.

“Childhood was the best”. You might have listened to this line many times. One day or another each person realises that childhood is the best part of our life. This is because there were no heavy responsibilities to be taken care of. We just have a simple schedule of schooling, playing and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Short Essay on Childhood Memories

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