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My Hobby Reading: Essay In English

A hobby is something done for self-satisfaction. Without a hobby, life becomes boring. Hobbies are important for everyone to relax and help get rid of the stress of other activities for some time. One who follows his hobby achieves extraordinary goals in life.


Hobby– the smaller the word, the greater its importance in life. We do many things in life but for those, we expect something in return. But hobbies are something that could be done without anything in return. Is not it true? Of course, it is true but has anyone ever thought about the reason behind it?

Because our hobbies offer us precious pleasure that can not be evaluated. Someone is crazy about dance another maybe about the guitar. But whatever one’s hobby is, the main outcome is a joyful experience. Hobbies make our lives interesting and enjoyable. Hobbies are very important to us.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

Hobbies have many benefits in one’s life. First of all, they offer us precious peace of mind that nothing can give. Piece of mind is very essential for mental health. So, indirectly a hobby helps maintain one’s mental health. Also, they bring us away from stress for some time.

Moreover, hobbies make life interesting and joyous because a regular schedule of something becomes boring over time. But to pursue a hobby, you are not bound to time or regularity. If so, your hobby can also become boring. Hobbies offer you a fabulous opportunity to take a break and skip the worries of your life.

Furthermore, you can make money with the help of your hobbies. For example, you love to dance. Then you can teach dance and earn money from it. Or maybe your drawing is fabulous, then you can easily sell your art to make money. This will help you earn extra pocket money and also fame.

My Hobby- Reading books

My hobby is reading books. Someone has rightly said that Books are our true friends. They teach us powerful lessons about life. For many, this activity is full of boredom. But believe me, it is one of the best things in the world.

If someone starts reading books, I guarantee that his personality and behaviour are going to change within the next three months but the condition is that he must read good books. Books taught me many lessons that are not taught in schools.

Books give you another’s life experiences in a very short time. That is why book reading is a habit of successful people because they acquire a lot of experiences without actually experiencing them. This reduces the chances of failure.

Advantages of reading books

Book reading is one of the greatest of good habits. This habit offers a lot of advantages at the same time. Reading books strengthen your vocabulary and your command of a language. It also reduces stress and makes you feel positive and active. You get to know real facts, not myths.

Furthermore, a study related to book reading suggests that it can also help you live longer. Apart from physical and mental health, books give you concrete knowledge in a short period of time. Book reading can change your overall behaviour and personality as it brings you closer to society.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, In today‚Äôs fast and busy world, we hardly get time for ourselves. That is the reason we need to indulge in a hobby to keep our minds fresh and active. Plus, hobbies can also earn you extra income. This way you can benefit yourself twofold.

Essay on My Hobby | Conclusion

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