Essay on My Favourite Subject Math – 100 words

I have to study many subjects in my syllabus but I like Mathematics the most. Maths is my favourite. I am addicted to solving maths problems. My friends refer to this subject as a difficult one but I don’t agree with them. This subject is very interesting because each of the questions is unique.

Since childhood, I liked playing with numbers and doing operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. With time I realised that Mathematics develops you as a problem-solving person.

Your problem-solving attitude does not remain limited to mathematics rather you can find solutions to each problem you come across in life.

Essay Example 2

Mathematics is my favourite subject. I started studying maths in the initial days of my schooling. First, I learned simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All these mathematical operations become easier if you learn number tables. When I was just in class 3, I learned tables up to 20.

Then I started learning about multiples, factors, prime numbers, whole numbers, real numbers etc. In fact, up to class five, I learned all the calculation tactics and basic methods. When I jumped into class 6, there was a new branch of mathematics which became my favourite i.e. algebra.

It was quite surprising how we can calculate some unknown metrics by supposing them as x, y, and z. My interest in mathematics started to deepen and I became one of the top scorers in this subject. I became very popular for this reason.


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