My Hobby is Dancing: Essay In English


A hobby is something you like to do without being bored or tired. A hobby can be an escape from regular things like studies and work. Hobbies give us the real enjoyment of life and we just forget all the worries and stress. Different people pursue different hobbies.

Some like to make collections of something whereas some like to read books. But Whatever one likes, It is the best way to relax one’s mind and soothe one’s soul.

Essay on My Hobby | Introduction

My Hobby- Dance

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Every aspect of life holds equal significance in one’s life and so do hobbies. Dance is my hobby. Whenever I get free time, my first step moves towards music. Whenever I dance to my favourite songs, I feel like I am a dancer, not a being. I forget all the stress of my studies and homework. I just dance, dance and dance. Yes, your hobby can drive you crazy.

Becoming a dancer is not my aim in life but it gives me pleasure that no other activity can provide for me. This is the reason I like to attend parties where I can show my talent to the world.

Even though my hobby requires a lot of energy but believe me it fills me with limitless energy when I perform. I feel very energised and active. It actually wipes out all the negative energy inside me.

Apart from dancing, I also like to teach dance moves to others. I always invent new dance moves and practise them with the old ones. This thing doubles the joy of dancing.


In conclusion, A hobby can change a person’s overall personality and behaviour. Hobbies are important for everyone to relax and help get rid of the stress of other activities for some time. For me it is Dance. I can write about dance more than I have written but words and time are limited.

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