My hobby paragraph writing For Students

Paragraph 1- 100 Words

Hobby– the smaller the word, the greater its importance in life. We do many things in life but for those, we expect something in return. But hobbies are something that could be done without anything in return.

My hobby is reading books. Someone has rightly said that Books are our true friends. They teach us powerful lessons about life. For many, this activity is full of boredom. But believe me, it is one of the best things in the world.

If someone starts reading books, I guarantee that his personality and behaviour are going to change within the next three months but the condition is that he must read good books. Books taught me many lessons that are not taught in schools.

Paragraph 2- 150 Words

A hobby is an important aspect of everyone’s life. It is an activity that one can pursue without thinking about profit. In fact, hobbies provide us with real enjoyment of life. Without a hobby, life becomes boring. Some people convert their hobby into a career and earn a livelihood for their life.

My favourite hobby is playing cricket. I practise cricket each day and I am practising it since I was only four. My favourite cricket player is Virat Kohli and I am a big fan of his performance. I have won many awards in school cricket competitions. I can’t think of a day without gossiping about cricket. Actually, I can discuss cricket the whole day without being tired.

Playing cricket has a lot of benefits. Your muscles become strong, your immunity increases, and You feel fresh and active. Also, you get to know how to focus on achieving goals when you put your full energy to score more and prevent another team for the same.

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