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Essay on World Environment Day: The life of each living being depends on the environment it is surrounded by. Many natural processes and human activities cause environmental degradation. World Environment Day is observed every year to spread awareness about environmental protection.

More than 100 countries celebrate world environment day on 5th June, to encourage people to contribute to the conservation of our environment. This day acts as a reminder to help the environment so that it can offer us the highest possible comfort.

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100 Words Paragraph on World Environment Day

“Man is the only animal that fouls its own nest”. This quote makes us aware of the wrongdoings that humans do toward our environment. The environment in which we live today is not the way it used to be earlier. Now it is gradually degrading due to some natural processes and human activities. But human activities are the most responsible for making the environment worst for us.

World Environment Day is an opportunity to explain to the people the importance of the environment and spread awareness about environmental protection. This day is observed every year on the 5th of June. People from more than 100 countries celebrate this day. This day acts as a reminder to help the environment so that it can offer us the highest possible comfort.

150 Words Paragraph on World Environment Day

Environmental protection is one of the crucial issues to solve. The 5th of June is observed every year to spread awareness about environmental protection. This day was first observed in 1973 By the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP).

This day is very important to be observed because environmental degradation is becoming a threat to life on earth. Due to the increase in average temperatures, climate changes and pollution, living beings are likely to live an uncomfortable life.

First of all, Deforestation needs to be prevented fully because trees balance the ecosystem. Pollution is the greatest enemy of the environment. So, each type of pollution must be controlled at each level. It is possible only when individuals and the government work together. In addition, the use of plastic should be banned, Population must be controlled.

To remind the people of their duties towards the environment, more than a hundred countries observe this day after taking a leave from their work.

Essay On World Environment Day- 500 Words




We know that need is the mother of an invention. World Environment Day is also constituted because of a need. When researchers found that rapid changes in the environment and climate are mainly caused by human activities, the need to spread awareness became compulsory.

Thereafter, World Environment Day was initiated by the United Nations with the objective to reduce human interference with the environment. In 1973 the first World Environment Day was observed with the theme “Only One Earth”. Since then this day is celebrated every year with a new theme.

essay on World Environment Day- introduction
Essay on World Environment Day


Without purpose, nothing exists. World environment day has the purpose to fix environmental issues and controlling the causes of environmental degradation. This is possible only by spreading awareness among the population because human activities are the chief factor behind this rising problem.

The purpose of celebrating world environment day revolves around two major aspects. The first is to explain to people the importance of the environment and the second is to make them aware of their duties to the environment. In fact, the environment ensures our survival on the planet.


Each year, this day is celebrated differently because of a distinct theme. On this day, we take leave from our work to inspire people for protecting the environment. People plant saplings on this day and take a pledge not to harm the environment. Additionally, they take part in many campaigns to spread awareness about protecting the environment.

Schools plan to take their students to jungles so that they can see various types of trees and their vegetation conditions. Furthermore, they are given an activity to arrange a sapling and plant it on the ground. This way they get the practical knowledge of planting. Also, this activity sparks a sense of love towards the environment.


We know that a damaged environment endangers the expectancy of life. We need to take some steps instantly in order to save the environment. People must understand their part and do their duties. Here are some simple practices for the common man that will help the environment.

Pollution Control- We can contribute to pollution control by making some minor changes in our daily activities such as using a bicycle to cover a short distance, avoiding the use of plastic etc.

Planting Trees- Planting saplings and trees nowadays has become very easy. You can find out ways online to plant. Just start planting and enjoy the experience of gardening. I am sure you will like it.

3 R’s formula- First “R” is about Reduce which means to reduce the production of unnecessary products. The second “R” talks about Reuse which means to use the available things efficiently. And the last one refers to Recycling things to make them reusable.


In conclusion, the environment ensures the quality of life of humans but we are not stressed much about the quality of our environment. In fact, if our environment is not healthy, how can we be? So, environmental protection is needed to live a healthy life.

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Faq’s- essay on World Environment Day

  1. Why is the environment important?

    Our life depends on the environment we live in. If we live in a polluted environment, our life becomes unhealthy and vice-versa. So, to ensure a healthy life we need to live in a healthy environment.

  2. What are our duties to protect our environment?

    We can do a lot of things to save our environment to make it the healthiest version of it. We can plant trees, avoid plastic use, avoid fossil fuel vehicles, use recyclable products etc.

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