Essay On Water Conservation In 200 Words


It is believed that around 3 billion years ago the first organism evolved in a water body. So water is supposed the origin of life on the earth. Water is one of the unique things found in the visible universe other than planet Earth.

Water conservation refers to the preservation, control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater and the prevention of water pollution. Our planet Earth is abundant in water but little of this water is really useful. But still, We use it carelessly.

Essay On Water Conservation | Introduction

Need for water conservation

One should know why our earth is described as a blue planet. It is because larger than 70 per cent of the earth’s exterior is covered with water. But do you even aware of how much of this volume of water is really useful for us?

The earth has an abundance of water, but sadly, only a miniature percentage (about 0.3 %), is suitable for humans. The other 99.7 % is in the oceans, icecaps, and soils, and captured in the environment. Still, enough of the 0.3 per cent is out of reach.

How to Save Water

We can conserve water by practising these helpful methods.

  1. We can use buckets in place of taking showers.
  2. Or we can also take short-duration showers.
  3. If we use a bathtub, it will save us water.
  4. Keep the water tap off while brushing your teeth.
  5. Check water leakages and fix them.
  6. Use washing machines and dishwashers at full capacity.
  7. Try to clean your house floor, Cars, and bikes only when there is a need.
  8. Tell kids and children not to waste the water.
  9. Tell your kids to draw a poster on water saving and show their friends.


In conclusion, Water is the foundation of life on the globe. Despite having a lot of water on earth, we are unable to use all of it without making it suitable. So, whatever amount of water reachable is required to be used carefully so that we will not have to face a situation of water scarcity.

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