Paragraph On The Importance Of Education | 100-150 Words

In ancient times, we were just like any other animal on the planet but today we have our unique identity. This was made possible because of education. Now it is clear that education is the process of transferring the knowledge and information gathered previously. It gives us the power to use the known information to live better and do better.

Education refers to giving and receiving information and knowledge. It is a ray of light in the darkness. Without education, A person is like who is stuck in a dark room with no entry and exit. Education is a weapon to enhance one’s life. It is reasonably the most powerful tool to improve one’s life. A child’s education begins at home. It is a lifetime process that finishes with death.

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Moreover, Education helps society to get rid of unreasonable beliefs, wrong rituals, and social issues. Educated people make an educated society and educated societies make an educated nation. Only an educated nation can take the world to new heights of possibilities.

The importance of education is completely known that’s why education as a national policy is always given priority. Education is a fundamental right of every Individual on this Planet. To reject this fact is wrong. Illiterate youth is the most critical thing for Humankind. The government is targeting right at the very cause of illiteracy and endeavouring hard to eradicate illiteracy.

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