Paragraph on Trees in 150 Words

It is said that “Trees are our best friends.” But have you ever thought about it? Why this line is so prominent? Of course, you do but a little bit. We will now discover how trees are our best friends. Our nature is made up of many small and big elements. Trees are one of them. The life cycle starts with a tree on Earth.

A tree is a result of struggles of tens of years from when it was a seed. The value of a tree varies for every living being. Some deeply depend on them and some narrowly. Trees hold value for all the organisms on the planet. Some depend on their food and some depend on shelter.

Trees are an amazing creation of nature. They give us uncountable benefits without expecting anything in return. This is why trees are our best friends. Without trees, our earth will look like the sun without light. Trees maintain a life cycle on Earth. But we humans are using them for the sake of earning money.

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