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Short Speech/Paragraph On Television: Television is a home appliance largely used as a source of indoor entertainment. Every household has at least one TV at their place. With time Watching tv has become an addiction for people.

Teenagers and children are most attracted to Television. They waste their time watching tv instead of doing their study. No, I am not asking anyone to get away from this device but keeping a check on the duration of TV watching will help you become more productive.

Welcome to This post provides a short paragraph on television and its impact on students and children. These paragraphs can also be used to compose a speech on television. It is advised to read it carefully so as to understand it well.

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Science has presented us with many devices and appliances. Television is one of them. Television is used worldwide for entertainment goals. Among all the different means of entertainment, Television has attained the highest popularity. Today, every household has a minimum of one Television set.

Nowadays, Television is not restricted to entertainment only. It is now capable of delivering news from around the world, education of all kinds, we can see live happenings in the world. Today TVs can also connect to the internet. Nowadays TVs are not just TVs but they are smart TVs. We can online education on our TVs.

But It is needed to remember that Watching TV for long hours affects our health adversely. TV addiction can lead to many diseases like pain in the back and neck, weak eyesight, obesity etc. So, keeping a check on the duration of TV watching is necessary to help you save time and create a balance among other activities.

200 Words Example

John Logie Baird would never have envisioned how much the gadget he had invented will become famous around the world. He invented the television in 1878. It was called the “idiot box” When first it came into existence because the sole purpose of this device was entertainment.

Earlier, TVs were considered a mode of entertainment only but as time passed channels from multiple streams came into existence providing viewers with news, sports, movies, dramas, comedy, information, knowledge and skills.

Today, every household has a minimum of one Television set. With the development of technologies, TVs have also been developed into new avatars. It was very heavy and space-occupying when it was invented. But today we can purchase TVs as slim as a painting and they can be mounted on walls.

If we observe its downsides, watching television can also affect a person physically, mentally and emotionally. Apart from that the information given by news channels or other channels can be misleading or a type of rumour. So it is extremely important to verify the information with other sources like newspapers or the internet before believing in them blindfolded.

Paragraph On Television


  1. What is the best advice given for watching TV?

    Keep track of the duration of TV watching, Don’t believe the information without verification, and Watch each genre channel so as to grow broad-minded.

  2. Watching TV good or bad?

    There is nothing good or bad in anything. It completely depends on the viewer what he consumes and how he is getting affected. So, Watching TV is neither good nor bad. But TV addiction is absolutely harmful.

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