Essay On Rainy Season in 200 Words


Essay On Rainy Season | Introduction

The Rainy Season or monsoon season approaches India in the mid of June and stays for a period of three to four months ending in September. This season is originally described by heavy constant rainfall and humid circumstances.

As it rains, dry ponds and puddles get filled with water again. Rivers flow at their full size. The sky seems full of clouds. The plants look more attractive in the rainy season. The peacocks start dancing in the jungles. The cold breeze touches the face and the shower of droplets of rain gives an amazing feeling.


The rainy season is important in various aspects. First, It is necessary for agricultural purposes. Secondly, It is vital to maintain the groundwater levels balanced. Thirdly, this season balances the ecological system in the environment. And last but not the least, Rainfall is crucial to supply natural water to the living and non-living things on the planet.

How rainy season occurs?

Although the rainy season is a natural event that occurs due to the change of movement of wind that brings clouds and storms. When the day earth’s surface temperature increases all around, air raises and builds a low-pressure zone.

This forces the moisture-filled winds from oceans towards the planes (lands). And when this moisture and clouds arrive at the land they start raining. This cycle lasts for some time in the area and the season is named the rainy season.


In conclusion, a Rainy season is a natural event necessary for all living beings and non-living things as well. It is the most beautiful season of all seasons. It is an important season to sustain life on our planet earth. In India, this season holds a special value for the farmers and the country.

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