Paragraph On Environment | 100, 150 Words

From birth to the last breath, We all are supported by the environment. It provides us with every small or big necessity in life. It consists of air, water, sunlight, plants, animals, ecological processes and atmospheric processes. The environment is only eleven character long word but its true meaning is unmeasurable in any available unit.

To live a comfortable life on earth requires some fundamental needs like air to breathe and water to drink, food to eat and many other things. We are provided with these by the environment. In fact, we are alive all because it supports us. It is believed that only the earth’s environment supports life in the whole universe.

To sum it up, The environment is our companion from birth to death. It takes care of us like no one other. But human activities are altering the environment in a direction where it can impact us negatively. So, there is a need to support the environment by performing environmental-friendly activities.

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