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Essay on My family | Introduction

Almost every living being on the planet has surely experienced the environment of family. In this environment, one feels safer and more comfortable than in any other place. It is known as the first school because we learn a lot from our family. Family is one of the precious gifts from god. We enjoy every small and big achievement with our family.

About My Family

My name is Rochak Sinha. I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. My family is an extended family. There are twelve members of my family my grandparents, my two uncles, and aunts, my mother and father, two cousins, my sister, and me. We all live together very happily. All the family members love one another very much.

My grandfather is a government servant and he is the chief head of my family. he executes all the major decisions for the family. My grandmother is a homemaker and she is a very kind woman. She used to tell me stories at night. My mother and both the aunts are teachers by profession and they handle domestic work as well very perfectly.

My father is an engineer and works at a private limited organization, He takes care of all the needs of my family. He is a very loving person. One of my uncles is a lawyer and one is a doctor. I love my family’s company very much. My family always teaches good manners and inspires me and my cousins to perform well in life.

Why I Love My Family

Of course, everyone loves his or her family. But I love my family for various reasons. Every member of my family possesses a different quality my grandmother has taught me the importance of hygiene. My grandfather is very punctual. I learnt the quality of responsibility from my father. There is a lot to learn from my family.


Even if the family is a small word but it has a vast definition and weight in it. A family holds great significance in everyone’s life. It is the first and foremost loved place by everyone as we feel very safe and comfortable. My family gave me very great affection, love, and inspiration. I pray for my family to be happy, healthy, and safe.

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