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Best Essay on Rainy Day [short & long]

Essay on Rainy Day– A rainy day fetches us a distinct experience compared to any other day. One can go out of the home to examine the real beauty of nature where he/she can easily witness the true beauty of every natural element.

No doubt every season has its significance but the features of the rainy season make it stand out from any other season. This season encloses you to nature’s real beauty. Not only humans but trees and animals also relish this season. [Read- Rainy Season Essay]

Short Essay On Rainy Day | 250 Words


Essay On Rainy Day | Introduction

When we hear about the rainy season, a picture of a rain shower occurs in our brains. It is one of the most beautiful seasons. This season reveals the genuine beauty of nature. Everything in nature gets a new life and looks so pretty.

This season is also known as the monsoon. It brings me very sweet memories because one unforgettable day of my life is a rainy day. If I have to describe that day, I will be running out of words.

A Rainy Day

I remember a rainy day that made me feel an extraordinary experience. It was a Monday and my maths teacher had scheduled a maths test. I was not prepared for the test. I reached the school on time. Suddenly it started to rain.

My maths teacher changed his mood and the test got cancelled. Hearing that I was at the peak of happiness. Then I and my friends enjoyed some indoor games in the classroom. We saw that the rain is getting heavier and more intense.

All my friends decided to play in the rain but we were not allowed by school members. When the games period came, we convinced the teacher to let us go to the playground. After a lot of effort, he agreed. We descended like heroes on the ground and enjoyed rain showers on our bodies.

It is an amazing experience when a water drop touches your cheeks. Like kids, we made paper boats and floated them into the water. Then it stopped raining and my principal announced the school closure. We went back home. On the way home, we saw that the roads were full of water. Some puppies were struggling to cross the road we help them to cross the road.


In conclusion, Every season has its unique significance but I like the rainy season the most. I enjoyed many rainy days in my life but one of them is very close to my heart. That day I felt mother nature very close. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Long Essay On Rainy Day | 500 Words

  1. Introduction
  2. My Rainy Day Experience
  3. The Environment on a Rainy Day
  4. Why I like the Rainy season
  5. What to do on a Rainy day
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


People wait eagerly for the rainy season for diverse reasons. Rainy days Bring a different experience than any other day. It brings calm relief to everyone. In comparison to other days, a rainy day soothes our souls and makes us more relaxed.

I enjoy rainy days the most because the rainy season is my favourite season. This season makes me experience a lot of enjoyment. The atmosphere becomes colourful after the rain and a soothing environment appears.

My Rainy Day Experience

In the last Rainy season, all of a sudden I could see cloudy weather in the sky. Then I prayed to God for keeping the school closed. And my wish was taken for granted. I was up in the sky to know that.

I rushed to my terrace to enjoy the water drops of rain. There were Dark and smoky clouds in the sky. Immediately I called my siblings and played in the rainwater. We made paper boats and rowed them. We were just Trembling because the breeze was very cold.

After the rain was done. We came to know that Mother had prepared onion fritters. We all relished them seeing the rainbow that appeared after the rain. It was one of my exceptional experiences of mine.

The Environment On A Rainy Day

Everyone is familiar with the environment of a Rainy Day. The sunlight is very hard to find and the cold breeze moves all around. The sky looks full of blackish and heavy clouds. The showers of raindrops on our faces fulfil all of us with an unusual experience of enjoyment.

Furthermore, The environment sounds calm which is rare in other seasons. The trees look bathed and very lively. The green plains reveal their real attraction. Peacocks dance in the jungle on this day. To see a dancing peacock is an awesome experience. On a rainy day, everyone just gets spellbound.

Why I Like Rainy Season

The rainy season is the most liked season for me. I can make you count several reasons why I like it the most. The very first reason is its balanced temperature which is neither too hot nor too cold. The second one, this season is very calming and soothing for everyone.

Furthermore, The environment looks as awesome as if we are in heaven. Water is colourless but when it falls on the earth, it makes the whole planet colourful. We can inhale pure oxygen without pollution. This season generates a sense that we all are part of nature. This season brings us close to nature.

What to Do On A Rainy Day

On a Rainy day, Different people do different things according to their needs and likings. But there are countless things that one do such as reading books, playing indoor games, singing songs, and learning a musical instrument. But if you want to just enjoy your day, you can go for a walk in the rain and feel the droplets of water on your body.

One can go out of the home to examine the real beauty of nature where he/she can easily witness the true beauty of every natural element. Trees seem to be fully energized with a look of freshness and dazzling appearance. Everything gets a new life.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In the bottom line, A Rainy Day is a most enjoyable day than other days of the year. One can feel calmness like in summer and cold breezes like in winter. A relaxing time to spend with family and friends It is speechless to enjoy the fragrance of showers. Rainy Season is always loved and relished by everyone.

Essay On Rainy Day | Conclusion


  1. What to do on a rainy day for kids?

    Kids can make paper boats, Feel the raindrops on their faces and bodies, and see a rainbow after the rain. They also can enjoy hot dishes.

  2. How to enjoy a rainy day?

    You can enjoy the day by eating hot snacks and witnessing nature from close. You also can read books, Sing songs, and learn new skills.

  3. How to Write an Essay on Rainy Day?

    You can follow these steps to write an essay on Rainy Day.
    Think about some main headings of your essay
    Try to recall one of the rainy day experience
    Write about some features of a rainy day
    At last, Give a finishing touch by writing an engaging Conclusion.

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