Essay on Rainy Season [With Headings]

Essay on Rainy Season- The rainy season is the most liked season for me. I can make you count several reasons why I like it the most. The environment looks as much awesome as we are in heaven. Nature reveals its true meaning.

The trees look bathed and very cheerful. The green plains reveal their real attraction. Peacocks dance in the jungle. To see a dancing peacock is an awesome experience. During the rainy season, everyone just gets spellbound.

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10 Lines Essay On Rainy Season

  • 1️⃣ Rainy Season is the most wonderful season of the year.
  • 2️⃣ It is the season of happiness and delight.
  • 3️⃣ Among all the seasons, I like the Rainy season the most.
  • 4️⃣ This season starts at the end of the summer season.
  • 5️⃣ Rainy Season brings heavy rains all day long.
  • 6️⃣ I and my friends enjoy playing in the rain.
  • 7️⃣ Rain makes the weather so nice, fresh and neat.
  • 8️⃣ In the rainy season, my friends and I make paper boats and float them in the water.
  • 9️⃣ Everyone looks very happy and enjoys this season very great excitement.
  • 🔟 Rivers and ponds get to fill with lots of water.
  • ✔ The full country looks very beautiful.
  • ✔ The sun plays the game of Hiding and Seek.
  • ✔ The peacocks dance in this season.
  • ✔ All the plants and trees look new and fresh.
  • ✔ The rainy season is important for farmers who feed us by growing many crops.

Short Essay On Rainy Season | 250 Words | Class 6, 7, 8


Essay On Rainy Season | Introduction

The Rainy Season or monsoon season approaches India about the mid of June and stays for a period of three to four months ending in September. This season is originally described by heavy constant rainfall and humid circumstances.

As it rains, dry ponds and puddles get filled with water again. Rivers flow at their full size. The sky seems full of clouds. The plants look more attractive in the rainy season. The peacocks start dancing in the jungles. The cold breeze touches the face and the shower of droplets of rain gives an amazing feeling.


The rainy season is important in various aspects. First, It is necessary for agricultural purposes. Secondly, It is vital to maintain the groundwater levels balanced. Thirdly, this season balances the ecological system in the environment. And last but not the least, Rainfall is crucial to supply natural water to the living and non-living things on the planet.

How rainy season occurs?

Although the rainy season is a natural event that occurs due to the change of movement of wind that brings clouds and storms. When the day earth’s surface temperature increases all around, air raises and builds a low-pressure zone.

This forces the moisture-filled winds from oceans towards the planes (lands). And when this moisture and clouds arrive at the land they start raining. This cycle lasts for some time in the area and the season is named the rainy season.


In conclusion, the Rainy season is a natural event necessary for all living beings and non-living things as well. It is the most beautiful season of all the seasons. It is an important season to sustain life on our planet earth. In India, this season holds a special value for the farmers and the country.

Long Essay On Rainy Season | 500 Words | Class 9, 10, 11, 12

Main Headings of Essay on Rainy Season

  1. Introduction
  2. Duration of Rainy season
  3. The environment in the rainy season
  4. Features of the Rainy season
  5. Importance of rainy season
  6. Final Words.


The Rainy Season is the most awesome and attractive season of the year. It is the season when the sky is full of rainy clouds making the environment colourful. Along with the appearing clouds, the rainy season is portrayed by high humidity and heavy winds. This season lasts for about three to four months in India.

Furthermore, both tropical and non-tropical regions get rainfall according to their topographical location. From peacocks dancing in the rain to jumping in puddles, this season has it all. Scattering droplets of rain from the sky bring events of joy to everyone’s face. From a child to an aged man, this season is for all to relish.

Duration of Rainy season

The people of India refer to this season as “Monsoon”. This season makes everyone like the season itself. Everyone looks happy and calm. In India, the Rainy season typically starts in June and lasts for about three to four months ending in September. In various countries and various geographical regions, the duration of the rainy season is not fixed.

India is an agricultural country. Most people living in rural areas are completely dependent on agriculture to earn their living. The duration of the rainy season holds a prominent significance in farmers’ lives. They wait for this season with immense hope.

The Environment in the Rainy Season

Who is not familiar with the environment during the rainy season? The sunlight is hard to find and the cold breeze flows all around. The sky is full of blackish water-filled clouds. The showers of rain on the face fill all of us with an outstanding experience of pleasure. Moreover, The atmosphere sounds calm like never in any other season.

The trees look washed and very bright. The green fields uncover their real beauty. Peacocks dance in the forest during this season. Seeing peacock dancing in the jungle is a unique experience. Nature reveals its true beauty in this season that makes everyone just spellbound.

Features of Rainy Season

The rainy season is mainly acknowledged for the rainfall but like every season The rainy season also has some features that are the identity of this season:

  1. Changes in Temperature: There is a notable fall in temperature with the start of the rainy season. But once the temperature drops from its dry summer level, it continues more or less stable during the rainy season.
  2. Changes in atmospheric pressures: The temperatures in northwest India are still quite eminent as a result of which low-pressure states dominate there. There are frequent changes in its place and strength depending upon the weather conditions.
  1. Changes in the pattern of wind: In this season, There are frequent changes in the wind. The wind blows at a very slow speed.
  2. Rainfall: India’s three-fourths of the total yearly rainfall is obtained during this season. In some areas, it is much more than this standard.

Importance of Rainy Season

The rainy season is vital to maintain groundwater levels and natural reserves. Besides, all the living organism on the planet requires pure natural water. To get natural and refined water, The rainy season is important. Moreover, Water is a part of nature and contributes to maintaining the ecological system on earth.

As discussed above and known fact that a large fraction of the population in India depends on agriculture for fulfilling their basic needs. Moreover, twenty per cent of GDP is contributed by agriculture in India. So, Ultimately the rainy season plays a crucial role in our country.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In the bottom line, The Rainy Season, the most joyful of all the seasons is like a combo of summers and winters. Peace like in summers and cold wind like in winters. A relaxing period to spend with your loved ones, enjoying the fragrance of showers while drinking hot tea is an awesome experience. Rain is important for all living organisms on earth whether big or small. Plus, It is needed for green regions to stay green in their true beauty.

Essay On Rainy Season | Conclusion

FAQ’s- Essay on Rainy Season

  1. What is the period of the rainy season in India?

    In India, the Rainy season typically starts in June and lasts for about three to four months ending in September.

  2. Why rainy season is important?

    The rainy season is important to provide natural water to all living organisms, Maintain the ecological system, for agriculture purposes and sustain the groundwater levels.

  3. Which crops are grown in The Rainy season?

    Rice, maize, and pulses such as Urad, Moong dal and millets are among the key Kharif crops that are major crops of the rainy season.

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