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Speech On World Environment Day For Students

World environment day is one of those initiatives which aims to spread awareness about environmental protection and conservation. It is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It was first celebrated in the year 1973 by the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP).

This year, Côte d’Ivoire will host World Environment Day 2023 on 5 June with the theme of solutions to plastic pollution.

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Greetings to everyone present here.

Today we all are here to celebrate the occasion of world environment day. Of course, the 5th of June is a great day that inspires us to protect our environment. I feel lucky to have had a chance to deliver a speech on World Environment Day.

Someone has correctly said that “Man is the only animal that fouls its own nest”. Just because of human activities, our environment has lost its initial quality and hence we have to live in an imperfect environment.

Hundreds of factors are responsible for environmental degradation but human activities top the list.

First of all, Pollution which affects the environment the most is mainly generated by vehicles, fossil-fuel burning, and industrialization. Second, Man has exploited natural resources for the sake of greed.

Humans have cleared the whole forest by cutting trees that give us the most important thing- oxygen. Apart from that, they have polluted the water by mixing millions of impurities into it. No natural resource is left pure.

So, in this environment where everything is impure, how can we live a healthy and comfortable life? But everyone wishes to live comfortably. For that, we need to fix the problem and control the situation. That is how World Environment Day is directly connected to our lives.

Now comes the question of how can we tackle this problem and what should we do. We can contribute to pollution control by making some minor changes in our daily activities such as using a bicycle to cover a short distances, avoiding the use of plastic etc.

Moreover, Planting saplings and trees nowadays has become very easy. You can find out ways online to plant. Just start planting and enjoy the experience of gardening. I am sure you will like it. Apart from this, we can use the 3 “R” formula.

The first “R” is about Reduce which means to reduce the production of unnecessary products. The second “R” talks about Reuse which mean using the available things efficiently. And the last one refers to Recycling things to make them reusable.

At last, I want to say if our environment is not healthy, how can we be? So, environmental protection is needed to live a healthy life.

Thank you so much for your precious attention. I hope you liked my speech.

Speech On World Environment Day- 2 Minutes

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