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An Essay On Noise pollution for kids

Noise pollution is a type of pollution.
Noise pollution happens from Useless and disturbing sounds.
Traffic noise, High volume music and many more are reasons for noise pollution.
It is mainly caused by loudspeakers, loud music, noise from industries, etc.
It is very harmful to all of us. It creates a bad impact on our health.
It can disturb our sleeping patterns.
It can also disturb our focus on studies.
Noise pollution can make us deaf in some cases.
We should not make useless noise in homes and classrooms.
We should tell everyone not to make useless noise.

Noise pollution is more dangerous for animals and old age people.
Animals can hear the disturbing sounds more deeply than humans.
We should always take care for every living bein like pets and animals.
And Old age people feel uncomfortable in loud noise.
So, We should not play loud music in houses if our elders get disturbed.

An Engaging Essay On Noise Pollution | 200 to 300 words|Class 6th, 7th, And 8th

Essay On Noise pollution

(Introduction) What is noise pollution?

Noise pollution or Sound pollution is a dangerous form of pollution. It is a condition of excessive noise or sound in the environment. Nowadays it is affecting the lives of living beings on a large scale. Noise pollution is a less discussed topic because it does not affect us immediately like other types of pollution impacts us.

But it does not mean that Noise pollution is a less important topic to be aware of. It is required to know what are the causes of it and how to overcome it.

Reasons and negative impacts

The main reasons for noise pollution are loud sounds, high volume music, Sounds from factories, sounds from construction works and traffic. We enjoy listening to music but when the volume levels go up it starts affecting our psychological health. Apart from that, people blow horns unnecessarily in the traffic. Also, noise pollution impacts our physiological health.

Moreover, noise pollution can cause impaired hearing and even can cause deafness if someone exposed to it for a long period of time. One of the other impacts of noise pollution is the lack of concentration. And it also alters the sleeping patterns.

How to control noise pollution

Reducing noise pollution in a country like India is quite challenging. The Indian government has made some rules to tackle this issue. In India, Playing loud music or sound is not allowed. Factories should build a soundproof environment. Also, machinery that spread noise should be replaced with new technologies.

Essay on noise pollution 200, 300 words


To sum it up, it is notably essential that we consider noise pollution very seriously. There are various damaging effects of noise pollution on human health and we need to do everything from our end to manage, control and, prevent noise pollution in our environment. It is very essential that we apply different noise control methods and do the best we can in preventing noise pollution.

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An Essay On Noise pollution In 500-600 Words For Class 9 to 12

Essay On Noise pollution

Main Headings of Essay on Noise pollution

  1. Introduction
  2. Causes of noise pollution
  3. Dangerous impacts of noise pollution
  4. Remedies for noise pollution
  5. Final Words.


Noise pollution or sound pollution is only increasing nowadays. It is a dangerous type of pollution that has become deadly at present. Noise pollution is simply abnormal levels of sounds in the environment. Although noise pollution is less discussed subject, it is becoming a notable issue to spread awareness about. When the levels of sounds in the environment rise up, it creates imbalances in the environment.

In India, Noise pollution is rapidly growing in urban areas. Noise pollution does not create a direct effect on our health but it impacts our psychological and physiological health along with physical effects.

Causes of noise pollution

The industries no matter how large or small contribute to noise pollution. The equipment they use like generators, compressors, exhaust fans, and others generate a lot of noise. Furthermore, the increasing use of motor vehicles is a significant cause of it. Not only motor vehicles but other transportation vehicles like bikes, aeroplanes, buses, trucks and more also take part in it.

People honk carelessly in the traffic and listen to high volume music which produces high levels of noise. Besides, social events like parties, marriages and religious celebrations in places like temples, halls, clubs, pubs, and more create a great level of annoyance in the residential areas. In addition, construction activities like the building of flyovers, bridges, mining and likewise also produce elevated noise.

Dangerous impact of noise pollution

While the effects of noise pollution are not immediate, there are some really dangerous effects of noise pollution that cannot be accepted lightly. The consequences of noise pollution are physical, physiological and psychological. One of the visible physical effects is that it can cause impaired hearing and can even make you deaf.

Hearing loss or any sort of hearing impairment due to extreme noise is growing increasingly. And this is not only limited to senior citizens but also the younger age is also being affected in this way. When your sleep gets interrupted or you continually have headaches because of high noise, you tend to encounter weakness and even migraines.

Solutions for noise pollution

Noise pollution is a manmade issue and so can be controlled by humans easily with regular efforts and remedies.

  1. Soundproofing technology: Soundproofing technology can prevent direct interaction with noise pollution at a great level. In developed countries, this technology is very popular.
  2. Electric vehicles: Using the electric vehicle in traffic can help a lot in reducing sound pollution caused by motor vehicles.
  1. Rules and regulations: The government should set rules and regulations for the loudspeakers and music systems featured in the parties.
  2. Making factories away from residential areas: One of the very effective ways to control noise pollution in the residential area is to establish factories away from the residential areas.
  3. Awareness: Last but not least, Spreading awareness about the harmful effects of noise pollution among people is the most effective way.
Essay on noise pollution 500 words
Best suitable for class 11th and 12th

Final Words (Conclusion)

At the bottom, we need to make people informed about the harmful effects of noise pollution. Besides, we must support them to practice things that do not supply to noise pollution. If everyone begins doing the same at an individual level, we will definitely be able to diminish noise pollution to a high extent.

Faq’s- Essay on Noise pollution

  1. What is noise pollution?

    Excessive sounds in the environment that are not useful is known as noise pollution. The undesired or unnecessary sound can have harmful effects on human health, wildlife, and the environment.

  2. What are the effects of noise pollution?

    Noise pollution affects human lives at a psychological and physiological level. It is a reason of deafness and hearing impairment. Also, It disturbs out concentration and sleeping patterns.

  3. How to write an Essay on Noise pollution?

    You can write an Essay on Noise pollution very easily in simple steps.
    1. Create a List of headings.
    2. Brainstorm and Outline.
    3. Think about the structure of the essay.
    4. Write it down carefully.
    5. Use a positive tone.
    Write down in a structured way.

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