Short Essay on My Birthday Party [With Headings]

Essay on My Birthday Party- A birthday celebration is an enjoyable life event for anyone. It is celebrated with our family, friends & loved ones. The day leaves memories for the future.

Here given below is a short essay on my birthday party. You can write an essay on your birthday party by reading and replicating the words given here.

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Every year, the 9th of March is the most awaited day for me. This is because it is my birth date. I am a specifically treated person this day. All my friends and loved ones start to wish me from midnight. Some of them text me from their phones and others call me.

My parents love me more intensely this day. They treat me like I am a newborn baby. I feel myself to be grateful to God for blessing me with all these people. According to myself, a birthday party is an enjoyable event in one’s life.

Schedule Of The Day

I and my family begin preparation for the birthday celebration right from the morning. My father takes me to the market for shopping new birthday clothes. My mother cooks a lot of delicious dishes for me and my friends. My siblings decorate the birthday area. The full birthday room is decorated in different lightings, a lot of balloons, Photo frames etc.

When I feel that all this is being done for me, I feel very special and thankful to God. In the evening, my father carries the special birthday cake with my name inscribed on it. I do not get tired all day long.

The Birthday Celebration

As it gets dark all my friends start coming to share my happiness and joy. They carry a lot of different gifts for me. I prepare to cut the cake when everyone has come. Everyone sings the “Happy birthday to you” song for me while I cut the cake. All my friends start to blow balloons.

After the cake cutting, I feed the cake to my parents first then my friends and loved ones. Following all that, music starts where me, my family and my friends dance on Bollywood tracks. All of us then enjoy delicious treats prepared by my mother.


In conclusion, My birthday celebration makes me aware of how social life is important for us. When we gather to enjoy an event of life, people make that event a more intense celebration. This is a day when we feel that everyone is there for us and we are not alone. So, This day works for me as a motivational pill whenever I feel low on confidence.

My birthday party Short Paragraph

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