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Speech On Attitude [1,2,3 Minutes]

Your attitude is a decisive factor in how is your life going to be. If you have a positive attitude, you find positives in any aspect of life. On the contrary, if you have a negative attitude, you will face negativities in life. Hence, it is very necessary to build a positive attitude.

In this article, we shared some examples of speech on attitude with a time duration of 1 to 3 minutes. You will get to know why attitude is important and how it can change the way you look at life.

Short Speech on Attitude

Good morning and welcome all of you gathered here. I am here to present a speech on attitude.

How you deal with obstacles, how you handle your achievements and what you think about a particular aspect of life. All of these are results of your attitude. Thus, Attitude is the name of your behaviour towards every aspect of life.

Attitude is considered one of the vital factors to accomplish goals. Having a negative or loose attitude can’t help you enough. For example, If Thomas Edison would have had a negative attitude, He would have given up after some failures and we can not get the light bulb.

Your attitude can make your life like heaven. Nevertheless, it can also make your life like hell. It all depends on you how you develop your attitude. So, build a positive attitude towards life and show your resistance to the obstacles of life. Thank you!

1 Minute Speech On Attitude

2-Minute Speech Example

Welcome honourable principal, respected teacher, loved parents and dear friends. Today, we are gathered here for this special occasion of… I am here to speak a few words about attitude.

All motivational speakers in the world have a single purpose of helping their audience to develop a positive attitude. They make them recall some phrases such as “Never give up“, “It’s possible” and “You can do it“. Most importantly, their audience is no one but people just like me and you.

Why do we need motivational speakers? Because we have a loose attitude. We don’t develop a strong positive attitude towards life. Consequently, when we face obstacles in life, we lose hope. A strong positive attitude changes the way you look at obstacles in life.

Developing a positive attitude helps us persevere during the tough phases of life. When you inculcate this behaviour in your life, you develop a rigid personality and build a notable identity in society. You no longer have to recall the phrases “Never give up“, “It’s possible” and “I can do it“.

Instead, you become an optimistic person who discovers all the positives of an aspect while others see only the negativities. Furthermore, a positive attitude helps you find solutions to a problem tougher than tough.

To sum it up, A positive attitude is important for every aspect of life. It gives a solution-oriented mindset that makes you fearless of any type of difficulty. Hence, it is said; “attitude is everything“. Thank you!

3 Minute Speech Example

First of all, good morning to the honourable principal, respected teachers and loving friends and all of you present here today. I would like to say a few words about attitude in your special presence.

Your attitude is a decisive factor in how is your life going to be. If you have a positive attitude, you find positives in any aspect of life. On the contrary, if you have a negative attitude, you will face negativities in life. Hence, it is very necessary to build a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is a common attribute of great achievers. History is witness that a positive attitude is one of the most vital factors behind the achievements of great leaders and rulers. In contemporary times, Elon Musk is the best example of having a strong positive attitude.

Elon Musk faced many difficulties in his life but he never lose hope and eventually produced all the success he want. This shows how rigid the mindset he possesses is. For a person, this kind of behaviour toward the difficulties of life is called a positive attitude.

The opposite is a negative attitude. It is very harmful to us. It impacts our thought process badly. Also, a negative attitude leads to many mental and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

On the one hand, a positive attitude helps you discover positives in any negative circumstances. On the other hand, a negative attitude drives you to see only the negatives even in positive circumstances. Hence, we can conclude that a positive attitude makes a person optimistic and a negative attitude makes a person pessimistic.

Hence, it becomes very necessary for everyone to develop a positive attitude. It is not so easy but not so tough too. Some easy practices can help anyone build a positive attitude. Some of them are:

Spend time with positive people: Our personality is an average of five people around us. Hence, when we must surround ourselves with positive people to adopt a positive mindset.

Mind your words to yourself: What you say to yourself is a very important factor in developing your attitude. Pay attention to it and always try to think positively for yourself.

Practice gratitude: Gratitude is an act of showing thankfulness for each positive thing and event. This makes you aware of focusing positive side of life.

Read Books: Books relieve and calm your thoughts and give you a spike in your confidence. You can find many quotes inside books which can boost your motivation.

To sum it up, a positive attitude is a need to face difficult phases in life. And there are lots of ways you can develop a positive attitude and create resistance to all the obstacles of life.

This is what I think about Attitude. I hope my thoughts were helpful. Thank you!

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