Speech On Art & Craft

2 Minute Speech On Art & Craft [Best Example]

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Speech On Art And Craft

First of all, good morning to the honourable principal, respected teachers and loving friends and all of you gathered here. In your special presence, I would like to deliver a speech on arts and crafts.

Whenever I hear the word “Art”, the first thing that comes into my mind is mother Nature. Have you ever noticed how artistic is our mother nature? Observe nature’s beauty to understand the meaning of art. How beautifully it has crafted every element that leaves us mesmerised.

In fact, the artwork done by artists and craftsmen is more or less inspired by nature. Art is an open-ended phenomenon, it has no limits just like the universe. An artist can never run out of ideas to create a new piece of art.

The human brain is designed in a way that seeks newness in everything. Art can bring newness but It can not be done through the skill of crafts. It is because the craft is a branch of art that reproduces a piece of art that already exists.

Art teaches us that there are an unlimited number of possibilities in the world. If one starts thinking just like an artist, he can find opportunities in each area of life, that no one noticed before. In fact, many people generated unique business ideas with the help of artistic thinking.

Due to the uniqueness of art pieces, many people wish to acquire them. Artists arrange bidding exhibitions in big cities to sell their art. You might be surprised to know that this industry did a business of 65 billion dollars this year.

On the other side, the craft industry sells more products than the art industry. People also like crafts. They buy handmade products crafted by artisans that possess expertise in a specific skill. Most importantly, this industry provides more jobs to people and helps them earn their living.

All in all, our life will become boring without art and craft. We can make our life beautiful and pleasing by embracing art. It is a skill that applies to music, painting, poetry, dance and more. Similarly, we can apply art in every aspect of life.

When you start thinking like an artist, you will see that we don’t know much about this world. This will inspire you to explore new possibilities. Thank you for listening to me.

1 Minute Speech On Art & Craft

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