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Everyone must know the fact that A friendship of more than seven years lasts for a lifetime. Friendship is one of the priceless gifts from God. Here given below are some short and long essays on friendship and its importance in 100, 150, 250, 300, 500 Words. Choose the best one for you.

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An Essay On Friendship | 100, 150 Words

Friendship is the relation of friends.
A friend is a most liked and loved person in life.
When we go to school, we meet many classmates.
And we start talking to them and spend our time with them.
After some time we start liking them and start our friendship.
We all make many friends in school and other places.
A good friend shares everything with us and always help us.
There is no enjoyment in life without friendship.
We learn a lot of things from our friends.

Friendship is a great gift for us from God.
We all do many things together with our friends.
We do Some mistakes, some naughty things and some good things together.
We enjoy the company of our friends very much.
I go to school every day because I like to study with my friends.
I also enjoy playing games with my friends in the school’s playground.
All my friends are very cute and attractive and I like their friendship.
I love all my friends and always pray to god for the good of them.

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Short Essay On Friendship And Its Importance | 200, 250, 300 Words | For Class 6, 7, And 8.

Essay on friendship
Friendship Essay in 300+ words.


Friendship EssayFriendship is the purest and divine relationship among all the other relations. It is Believed the best life when someone has a lot of good friends. Friendship supports you in life not only in the happy times but also in your hardships. It makes a person’s life complete. Without friendship, Life is full of emptiness and boredom. Also, This priceless blessing doubles your joy and divides your pain. In a good friendship, honesty and loyalty play a vital role.

What is the importance of friendship in life?

Friendship holds great importance in everyone’s life because We are taught a lot of different lessons from the friendship that are not available anywhere else. You just learn to like persons other than your family members. You get inspiration from your friends to move forward in life and do something extraordinary in life. Apart from all that, we are not left alone in the hardships of our lives. All our good friends are always stand by us whenever we feel a need for them.

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What is true friendship?

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. This quotation defines true friendship in a few words. Actually, A true friend is one who not only stands there in you good moment but also supports and appreciate you in your hard times. True friendship suggests having a connection free of any rules. It is free from any judgments and it gives you a sense of feeling loved and accepted. True friends are rare to find and you are destined enough to have them.


Concluding all, Friendship is a precious relationship that gives you a lot of cherishable and unforgettable memories. There is not any doubt that best friends support us in our difficulties and serious moments of life. They always try to protect us in our dangers and offer relevant advice. True friends are the best assets of our life because they participate in our sorrow, soothe our pain and deliver up happiness.

Long Essay On Friendship And Its Importance | 500 Words | Class 9, 10, 11 & 12

Essay on Friendship

Outline of Essay on Friendship

  1. Definition
  2. Importance of strong friendship
  3. Meaning of True friendship
  4. Qualities of a good friendship
  5. Final Words


Essay On Friendship– Everyone must know the fact that A friendship of more than seven years lasts for a lifetime. Friendship is a word in the dictionary with its definition but it is actually can’t be defined using all the words that a dictionary contain. It is one of the rare experiences of life one could yield.

All the other relationships are defined at the moment we take birth. But friendship is a relationship that is not obedient to any blood relationship. We all have many friends in our lives but We can believe blindly only on some of them because loyalty and trust are the form factor of a true and strong friendship.

Importance of strong friendship

Friendship is important because it teaches us life lessons. You learn to love people apart from family members. You find out the real meaning of being yourself. Friendship never leaves us alone in our hard times. You discover how to recognise people and trust them. Your true friends will always inspire you and praise for you. They will lead you to the right path and defend you from any kind of evil.

Furthermore, friendship also guides you a lot about loyalty. There is no other greater feeling in the world than possessing a loyal friend. Plus, friendship makes us more powerful. It examines us and supports us grow.

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Meaning of True friendship

A person is familiarised with multiple persons in their life. However, dearest ones get convert our friends. You may have a huge friend group in school or college, but you know you can only include one or two people with whom you experience true friendship. There are primarily two types of friends, the first are good friends the second is best friends or true friends.

True friends are the ones with whom we feel a special connection of love and affection. In other words, a true friend fills our life with happiness. Most importantly, true friendship needs not any judgments. In short, true friendship keeps us stay strong in life. Having a caring family is all okay but you also need true friendship in life to be perfectly happy.

Qualities of a Good friendship

Trustworthiness is usually the “make or break” factor in any relationship. Any gap, regardless of observed magnitude, can ruin a friendship. Trustworthiness is composed of several elements, including honesty, loyalty, and dependability, and while each is important equally. honesty and dependability have been recognised as the most important in the realm of friendships.

Honesty requires that we speak naturally from the heart and combine objectivity into our words. Loyalty is considered first on in all of our relationships, from the moment we gain our first friendship. We need friends who won’t scatter our secrets to others, won’t spread rumours about us, or enable others to criticize us. Being supportive of others in their hard times is a defining characteristic of a good friend, but being supportive of others in their normal times is also required.

The saying goes, “Everybody loves a winner,” but for some of us, this just isn’t so. If you have stress celebrating other’s good fortune and develop a sense of envy or even bitterness, this may narrow the depth of your friendship. Self-confidence is an appealing feature in any friend, and this quality may even be contagious. When we are in the fellowship of self-confident individual, we too feel our own confidence growth.

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Final words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, having a good friendship that inspires yousupports you, and always stands by you at difficult times is a great gift from God. sometimes this friendship is found more than blood relationships. My preferred quote on friendship is, ” A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This quote easily describes what real friendship is. Friendship is a treasure of gems for me that has been blessed by God. I am very lucky to have a good friend circle. I always pray to God to keep my friends healthy, happy, and safe.

Faq’s- Essay on Friendship

What is the importance of friendship?

Friendship is important for everyone as it supports us in every phase of life and teaches us a lot of useful lessons about life.

What is friendship in short?

A relationship with some person without any kind of obligations is true friendship.

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