Essay On Deforestation In 250 Words

INTRODUCTION- Deforestation refers to the removal of trees from a forest for land acquisition. This land is used for agricultural use, making houses, commercial purposes and infrastructure development. Deforestation is more intense in tropical and subtropical forests.

In the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020, the global rate of net forest loss was 7 million hectares per year from 2010-2020.

CAUSES- The primary cause of deforestation is land acquisition for agricultural purposes. Agriculture alone cast 80% of deforestation. The next cause on the list is the need for furniture, match sticks, rubber, paper etc. The high demand causes more trees cut down.

The third reason is infrastructure development for attaining access to specific areas. Trees are cut to build roads and buildings for the expansion of cities.

EFFECTS- Deforestation affects the ecosystem of the earth. It is a threat to the environment and the living being on the planet. It causes an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which leads to global warming and climate change.

Furthermore, this is the reason behind the extinction of many living beings who lives in the forests. The extinction of these living beings also affects the lives of other living beings.

SOLUTIONS- Deforestation is a severe problem for all living things on the planet in the long run. We need to take preventive measures to control and prevent deforestation. Government should ban deforestation and a tough penalty must be imposed on those found involved in deforestation. Individuals can plant as many as trees possible to refund the loss of trees.

CONCLUSION- Deforestation is a critical issue for the environment. We must see into this matter and should do as much as possible. At least, we can plant trees to fulfil the loss our environment bores. Government must start initiatives that encourage reforestation and prevent deforestation.

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