Article On Women Empowerment

As a part of God’s creation, women have the same right to live their life freely as anyone on the planet. But since ancient times they are being maltreated and deprived of their rights. The process of getting women out of this condition and bringing them their valid rights and their rightful place in society is known as Women’s Empowerment.

Women empowerment is a required demand for a better future for the country and the best picture. We don’t have to do much but bring back their proper place. Having a lot of initiatives, our country is still lacking behind in women’s empowerment. We all can make it possible by taking part in encouraging and supporting our girls and women.

Women’s empowerment is like a ray of hope for women to bring them to the place to which they are entitled. It will strengthen their willpower. The government has taken some initiatives to empower girls and women. From a future perspective, men and women have the same significance.

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