A Short Essay On My Mother in 250 Words


Mothers are a priceless gift from God to each one. They are the base of life and the source of the continuation of life on Earth. Rudyard Kipling has said that “God could not be everywhere so he made Mother”. So ultimately mothers are a form of God.

I treat my mother as God because this is our culture. Mother is the only person in everyone’s life who doesn’t need any words to observe their children’s feelings.

 Essay On My Mother | Introduction

Why I Love My Mother

My mother ” Shraddha Desai” is my pride. She had sacrificed many things for me. She always knows what I need even without what I ask for it. My mother is my first friend and the first love of my life. She is my role model from when I was not able to speak.

I discuss all the happenings in my life with her. I love her company. I can’t live a single without talking to her. She is an inspiration to me. Every child loves her parents very much. I too love my parents. But the bond which connects me with my mother is very unique. She loves me unconditionally.

She had devoted many nights to me. She always cared for me when I was not able to tell my needs. She always understood what I needed. My mother is an excellent example of love, affection, and sacrifice. She stands by me in every situation and even can fight with anyone for me.


At last, Without a mother, there is no fun in life. Mothers are our strength and inspiration. They always guide us for our future. My mother is a perfect combination of love, devotion, and sacrifice. I love her more than anyone. I can do anything for my mother as she did countless things for me. I pray to God for her to keep her happy forever.

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