Technology A Boon or Bane- Short Essay


Technology refers to techniques, systems, and tools that make any difficult task easy. These techniques, systems or tools have been developed using technical and scientific knowledge and observations. The main purpose of technology is to assist mankind in complex activities and jobs.

Today we all are completely surrounded by technology. It has helped us increase our working potential. Technology has changed our lives and also changed the world.

Essay on Technology | Introduction

Advantages of technology in life

It is surely right to say that regularly evolving technology is helping us in every field. It has made complex tasks easy and done in minutes. If we talk about our lives, we are surrounded by different technologies and a world without technology will draw us back hundreds of years back.

From our domestic requirements to professional demands, it has made a place in about each area of mankind.

Disadvantages of Technology

As everything has two sides, Technology also has two sides- The positive and the negative. With the increase in the advancements in technology, we are now stocked with some harmful effects of technology.

The use of technology in factories and industries is one of the main reasons for increasing pollution. On the other hand, it has promoted unemployment in the country. Moreover, Technology is limiting the creativity of the young one and forthcoming generations.

Technology- A Boon or Bane

“Technology is a boon or bane”. This is a debated topic for years. The level of comfortable life we are living today is a result of technology but its negative effects can not be ignored. It is a reason for increasing pollution and pollution is itself very harmful to us.

Plus, it has created a distance between people rather than connecting them. Most notably, it has taken away employment opportunities for the workers’ class.


In conclusion, technology has made our lives flexible and full of comfort. We are today surrounded by technology and it is impossible to imagine life without technology. But it has brought many severe impacts on our life and the environment. We need to take care of the environment while using them.

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