Paragraph On the English Language in 100-150 Words

{🖊} 100 Words Paragraph

The English Language is globally popular. It has become a medium of international communication. This language enables the way to growth. But it does not mean that any other language is less important.

The variant of the English language we speak today is called modern English. This language has more than 160 accents. This language is used in programming languages, international communication, sports, news etc.

The English language is like a tool that can help you understand the world at a better level. If you seek any type of information, it is available widely in English. The knowledge of the English language is counted in the skillset of a person. For the technology field, English is a must.

{🖊} 150 Words Paragraph

Language is an essential tool for communication. It is like a bridge that carries our ideas, expressions and thoughts to someone. The English language is one of the most dominant languages on the planet. It is the third most spoken language in the world. This language has more than 160 different accents.

The English language is also known as the global language and the international language. These names are given to it because it is the most used language for international communication.

Furthermore, the English language is also useful for strengthening relations with other countries that have English as their native language. Communication in this language will also bring business prospects to the international market.

The English language is a common language that is the third most spoken in the world. It is a language of international communication, sports, science and tech and computer programming. This language is easy to learn and it is continuously evolving according to the modern world.

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