Paragraph On Myself [100-150 Words]

[ 100 Words Paragraph ]

Myself is Shivam Rathour, A citizen of New Delhi. I am an extrovert person by nature means my ability to make new friends is very high. I possess humorous behaviour. I believe in myself and this confidence is a gift from God. My father’s name is H.L. Rathour and he is a businessman and my mother Smt. Suman Rathour is a housewife.

I study in one of the renowned schools in my city. I am the favourite student of all my teachers. All my teachers have always encouraged me to do something extraordinary in life. I am very thankful to my teachers and my family.

[ 150 Words Paragraph ]

Humans are the best creation of Nature. I am a human being, fortunately. This nature has provided me with the highest level of intelligence that no other creature is blessed with.

I, Shivam Rathour, am a resident of New Delhi, India. I belong to a middle-class family. My father, H. L. Rathour is a businessman and a humble person. My mother, Smt Suman Rathour is a housewife. My family is very supportive of me. No one grows in this world, without the care of family and friends.

I am an intense reader of novels and history magazines as I have a great interest in Indian History and traditional architecture.

To sum it up, words are always less to describe one’s personality but I surely know that wherever I am today is all because of my family, teachers and friends. I am going to be a great personality all because of the people around me.

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