Paragraph On Summer Season in 100 Words

Even though the summer season is difficult to tolerate, one can enjoy it to the fullest using some practices and precautions. Do observe the kids, they enjoy summers the most. Some fruits and snacks make this season more adventurous and interesting.

Paragraph Example 1

The summer season is associated with hot weather, dry air and intense sunlight. It becomes so difficult to go out in the afternoon. In contrast, it is the most enjoyable and pleasant season of all. Due to summer vacations, kids enjoy this season to the fullest as they get an opportunity to go to a picnic and visit their grandparents.

During this season, Days become warmer and extended while nights become cooler and shorter. The scorching sun drains our energy. The shadow of the trees gives comfort to the travellers. The summer season carries various fruits and vegetables. I like mangoes and watermelons very much.

Paragraph Example 2

Nature offers us many seasons to experience among which the summer season is the hottest one. Despite being an intolerable season, there are many opportunities to enjoy this season to the highest possibilities. In India, the Summer season usually starts in March and lasts till June end.

People avail benefit from summers in their own way. Schools get shut down so school students get summer vacation in which they can go to picnics and visit their grandparents’ villages. Apart from that, Many children pursue their hobbies like playing indoor games, reading comics, learning a new skill etc.

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