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Computers Hold The Ability To Do Work Errors Freely And Fast. So, Tasks That Used To Require More People Now Can Be Easily Handled By A Few People. They Save Our Time And Time Is The Most Valuable Asset.

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Today’s generation is known as the computer age or digital age. Nowadays, computers have become a part of life in almost every area. With the increased use of computers, our life is growing more comfortable and convenient. It has helped us in various fields be it the medical field, Agriculture, or technology.

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With the development of computers, our life is being more comfortable and easy continuously. Computers hold the ability to do work errors freely and fast. So, tasks that used to require more people now can be easily handled by a few people. They save our time and time is the most valuable asset.

Although the computer is a very helpful machine, at the same time it can be used as a harmful weapon. Cybercrime is a perfect example of it. Hackers can steal useful information using computers. Also, the Common man is a victim of CYBER crimes.

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