Paragraph on a Visit to a Zoo in 100 Words

A zoo is a place where a lot of species of animals, birds, and reptiles are kept for conservation and showcase purposes. In this article, there 2 examples of how to write a paragraph on a visit to a zoo.

Paragraph Example 1

I visited a zoo last Saturday with my friends and family. There was a wide range of animals, birds, fishes etc. Once we entered the zoo, I saw a big Elephant who was grazing on grass. The monkeys were doing naughty things like copying visitors and hanging here and there.

I saw there many wild animals such as lions, bears, tigers, wolfs, leopards, etc. My friends were surprised to see beautiful and colourful birds. I saw some of the animals for the first time in my life. Before that, I had seen them in books only. It was an awesome experience to visit this zoo. I will visit this zoo again.

Paragraph Example 2

During my last summer vacation, I visited a zoo in my city. I went there with my family and neighbours. It was my first time visiting a zoo. When we entered the zoo, there was a map of the zoo informing us about the different locations of the zoo.

We started by seeing wild animals first. All the animals were kept in big cages to ensure the safety of visitors from animals and vice versa. I saw lions, tigers, leopards, bears, elephants, chimpanzees and many other animals.

They were looking so innocent and cute. Each cage has an information board on which we can gain knowledge about the animals.

After that, we got to see many types of birds, reptiles, and aquatic animals there. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have decided to visit this zoo again with my friends this time.

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