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Paragraph on Wonder of Science | 100 words

“Science”– The tinier the word, the more wonderful its influence across the globe. Look all around yourself. What do you see? I am pretty sure everyone can quickly observe the pure presence of science in some form. By using the information and observations, a lot of inventions took place that assists us in various ways.

These inventions were hard to be accomplished earlier but science made them possible. This is why each scientific invention is a wonder of science. Moreover, Science is something that can not get to an end. It is an endless process towards advancements and expertise.

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Paragraph on Wonder of Science

Paragraph on Wonder of Science | 150 words

What is science? The short answer is -Science is nothing but a systematic way of exploring new possibilities. It is a process of questioning complexities. Science has invented many things that seemed to be impossible earlier. So, each scientific invention is fundamentally a wonder of science. Today we all are surrounded by scientific inventions that are helping humanity in many ways.

Moreover, Science is an endless process towards progress and expertise. We feel very relaxed while using fans, televisions, air conditioners, smartphones, computers and countless wonders of science. These wonders of science have made every experience better than ever. We can not think of a life without the presence of these.

In fact, Earlier, human life was very discomforted and hard. Science and technology have become a part of our daily life. Science is a proven blessing for humanity. The wonders of science have helped humans in each sector of society be it agriculture, medicine, inventions, transportation, renewable energy, and much more.

Paragraph on Wonder of Science | 250 words

Everyone may definitely have some knowledge of history. Just look into the history of human life and compare that with the present scenario. The difference can clearly be understood. From the invention of the first wheel to the invention of the internet, everything has brought unusual value to humanity. Every wonder of science has provided us with immeasurable comfort.

There is no doubt that electricity is the biggest invention of science. It serves us in hundreds of ways in houses, factories, mills and more. Earlier it was said that the world is very big. But today our reach to the world on our fingertips because of science.

Science is actually based on facts, not on myths. And facts are some statements that tend to give the same results for the same efforts done previously. For instance, rubbing two rocks will always generate sparks. So, The invention of fire comes under the wonders of science. After that human evolution grabs speed.

Over time new techniques developed and made human life easier and easier. From growing efficient crops to transporting them, from finding causes of a disease to treating it, everything got simplified by the inventions in the related field. Today, we will get paralysed without the company of science.

To sum it up, Science is beneficial and destructive at the same time for humanity. Hence, it must be correctly used for the bigger benefit of mankind. We need to ensure the clever use of these scientific devices in order to save the earth from the harmful side of science. Science is a wonderful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.

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