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A mother is an idol of sacrifice and love. She is our first well-wisher, our first teacher, and also our first friend. She has to awake many nights only to take care of her newborn baby. A mother is always standing by her child in every situation whether it is a hard time or a happy time.

A mother is the most valuable soul in everyone’s life. We cannot repay our mother’s debt. All the mothers in the world are appreciable. Not just humans, I am talking about every living being, The expression of a mother’s love is the same be it a human, an animal, or any other species.

Essay on Mother | Introduction

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The meaning of the word “Mother” is very vast in itself. A mother is a sea of emotions and love and an irreplaceable person in everyone’s life. Ultimately, a person’s personality is a reflection of her mother. She plays an important role in shaping the overall character of her child.

Mother’s love has no comparison at all. She is the only person who loves her child unconditionally and is always ready to do more. A mother sacrifices her days and nights for her children’s happiness and fulfilling their needs. She is always a true well-wisher and encourages their child to move forward in life.

To sum it up, A mother is a beautiful gem in everyone’s life and can not be replaced by anyone else. She is the one who takes care of us in our childhood, encourages us in our teenage, and supports us in our hard times. All the mothers on the planet, be a human, animals, or any other species, are greatly appreciable.

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