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An Essay On Teacher’s Day for kids in class 1 to 5.

Teacher’s day is a great celebration of schools.
This day we thank our teachers for their work.
Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September every year in India.
On this day, all the students arrange treats for the teachers.
We decorate the classrooms like there is a festival.
There are no studies on this date and only enjoyment for students and teachers.
I like and love all my teachers because they make us a good person.
Being a teacher is a challenging job but they do it for our future.

A teacher is the most influential person in a student’s life.
Sometimes we listen to our teachers more than our parents.
Teachers love us like our family members and we also do the same.
Our teachers always enlighten us with information and guide us throughout life.
Students always recognise their teachers because of the endless contribution they deliver to their lives.
We, students, pray to God for the good of our teachers.

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An Engaging Essay On Teacher’s Day In 200 to 300 words For Class 6, 7, And 8.

Essay on Teacher's Day


Teacher’s Day Essay- A teacher is a person in our lives that guide us and inspire us to move ahead in life. He is the only person that gives us almost every curiosity of us to an end. Teacher’s day is a celebration for thanking our teacher for their great deed. Even if what they do for us can not be repaid off but we can celebrate with them a day to express our gratitude.

When and How Is Teacher’s Day is observed in India?

Teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world but on different dates. In India, It is observed on 5th September every year. This day is celebrated in schools like a festival. All the classrooms are decorated in the theme of teacher’s day. We arrange a cake to be cut by our teachers on this day. After the arrangements are executed, we call our teacher to give them treat and we all give them gifts as a guru Dakshina.

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How teachers impact us?

We all know that our teachers play a great role in shaping our future and behaviour. They are ones who guide us throughout life and help us see the ray of light in the darkness. Teachers do not only shape students future but also a nation’s development is structured by them. A teacher holds a place before God’s place in Indian culture. Teachers works are acknowledged during the teacher’s day.


Teacher’s day is a celebration of honouring the work and dedication of our teachers. It is celebrated all over the world on different dates. But days and dates are just numbers, the teacher’s contribution to students is priceless. Plus, the teacher’s day is an opportunity for us to express our love and gratitude towards our great teachers.

An Essay On Teacher’s Day In 500-600 Words For Class 9 to 12

Essay on Teacher's Day

Main Headings of Essay on Teacher’s Day

  1. Introduction
  2. The importance of teachers
  3. The history behind Teacher’s day
  4. Celebration of Teacher’s Day
  5. Types of teachers
  6. Final Words.


Essay on Teacher’s Day– India celebrates teacher’s day on 5th September every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. This day is an expression of gratitude towards our true guides and well-wishers. A teacher is always remembered in students lives all because of their great teachings. The idea of celebrating this event is not a new concept. It is celebrated in India since ancient times.

The relationship between a teacher and a pupil is treated as a relationship between a devotee and God. In Indian culture, Teachers are respected more than parents and the god. Guru Purnima is a special day in India on which we dedicate to our spiritual and academic teachers. Apart from this, We all celebrate International Teacher’s Day on October 5 every year.

The importance of teachers

A teacher is like a jeweller who carves diamonds further increasing its value. Teachers make the students believe in themselves. They spark curiosity within us. Teachers guide us, mentor us and motivate us to do something extraordinary in life. From the first day to the last day of school, our teachers answer our complex questions and provide us with a proper solution.

Without teachers, our life will get full of confusions. They sort out our every single confusion. They uncover the hidden talent of ours. A teacher is like a jeweller who carves diamonds further increasing its value. The teacher is the person who gives us the right guidance in this crowded world.

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The history behind Teacher’s day

September 5 is yearly celebrated as Teachers’ day in India. Actually, This is the birthday of the former President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. When he became the President of India, he was requested by his students and friends to celebrate his birthday on 5th September.

He responded that he would celebrate that day to honour the contribution of teachers on that day instead of celebrating his birthday thinking that the contributions and efforts made by teachers should not go unnoticed. Since then this day is being celebrated as Teacher’s day. How great he was!!!

Celebration of Teacher’s Day

Like normal days, we attend school but this day is not full of discipline and studies rather full of celebrations and enjoyments. All the students arrange material to give classrooms a look of a teacher’s day. They decorate the classrooms like there is a festival. A cake is brought to be cut by our teachers.

After the ritual of cake cutting, teachers are gifted with presents from their students. Moreover, all the teacher are made to dance with students and celebrate their contribution to society and the nation.

Types of teachers

  1. Elementary school teachers– They play a vital role in setting the foundation for learning. They dedicate their careers to teaching young students in kindergarten within the fifth grade.
  2. Middle school teachers– Another highly significant period in a scholar’s life is middle school. Grades six to eight set the platform for high school.
  1. High school teachers– High school teachers improve their tutoring plans to challenge and fasten their students. They evaluate their students’ growth through ranked assignments and exams.
  2. Post HighSchool teachers- The attention for teachers in this framework is to equip students for life after their high school.
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Final Words

Teachers of any country play a significant role in the development of a nation. This is why it is important to set aside a day while the teachers are granted the attention they deserve. We observe Teachers’ day to admire the contribution of Teachers in our lives. Duties undertaken by teachers in the upbringing of children is enormous and thus being identified with teachers’ day is a move towards acknowledging the profession and the role they play in the nation.

Faq’s- Essay on Teacher’s Day

Why are the teachers respected the most in Indian culture?

In the Indian culture, Teachers are given the status of God. Our teachers help us molding our personality and behaviour. They are the true guides to us and so we respect them like God.

When is Teacher’s Day is observed in India?

Teacher’s Day in India is observed every year on 5th September. And it was first observed in the year 1962.

What are some catchy slogans for teacher’s day?

There are a lot of catchy slogans for teacher’s day available on the internet you can search them and you can click here for 30+ Teacher’s Day slogans.



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