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5-minute Speech On Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a ray of hope for the poor and helpless people of Kolkata. She lived a very tough life but made the life of many people very easy. Out of compassion, she helped the poor, the needy and the sick.

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Welcome and good morning to everyone. Before I start my speech on Mother Teresa, I want to thank you for having this important opportunity.

Mother Teresa was a wonderful and incredible woman. She was the person who showed this world the actual religion of humanity. She was born on the 26th of August in 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia but she chose to help the poor people of India. She was full of compassion, care, and sympathy for mankind.

Her birth name given by her parents was Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhin. She was the youngest child of her parents. Her family struggled a lot after the death of her father. She started helping her mother in charity work in the church. She was a woman of deep faith, confidence and trust in God.

She decided to become a nun at the early age of 18 years and soon joined the Loreto order of nuns in Ireland. Thereafter, She moved to Sri Lanka and then India. In India, she stayed in Kolkata where she taught History and Geography in a convent school.

After seeing the bad condition of poor and sick people she began his journey to serve the needy. She started her journey of humanity by establishing an open-air school where she began teaching poor children. For doing this good work of teaching the poor and helping needy people she needed a permanent residence.

So, with the support of the church and the people, she established a missionary where the poor and homeless can live. She spent half of her life teaching and the rest of her life serving the poor, the needy and sick people. She founded “Nirmal Hriday” and “Missionaries of Charity” which are social welfare organisations. Later, she also built many schools, hospitals, and shelter homes in India and abroad.

As she belonged to Christianity, she was blamed many times for the religious conversion of people. But It was not true. She was not involved in any such deeds. She was just compassionate enough who can see the pain of helpless people.

With the passage of time, her health started declining. She suffered multiple hearts attacks one of which caused her to breathe her last. She died on 5 September 1997. It was a great loss for the people she saved the lives of. They shed continuous streams of tears.

To sum it up, She was not a human. I will call her a superhuman. She lived for the poor and needy people. She lived a life full of struggles and made the lives of people easy. She definitely deserves to be called “The Mother” Teresa.

This is all that I wanted to say about Mother Teresa. I hope you liked my speech. Thank you.

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