Essay on Pollution In 150 Words

The unfavourable changes in the environmental elements like water, air etc. in such a way that is harming life on the planet is called pollution. There are four main types of pollution. They are pollution of air, water, soil and noise. All these types of pollution are affecting the environment negatively.

There are various factors that cause pollution. Some of them are natural and others are human-generated. But most of the pollution in the environment is brought by human activities. Even today, when it has become a global threat that is taking millions of lives every year, it is continued.

The problem of pollution needs urgent attention and treatment. People should take care of the environment and ecosystem. We need to perform nature-friendly activities to control pollution. Planting more trees can help in reducing air pollution. The government should do all the things that can reduce pollution.

Facts About Pollution

[Fact #1] Out of the Top 30 Most Polluted Cities in the World, 22 are present in India.

[Fact #2] Approximately 46% of the lakes in America are extremely polluted and hence risky for swimming, fishing, and aquatic life.

[Fact #3] The United States produces 30% of the world’s waste and consumes 25 % of the world’s natural resources.

[Fact #4] China is the world’s largest producer of carbon dioxide. The United States is number 2.

[Fact #5] Antarctica is the cleanest place on Earth protected by anti-pollution laws.

[Fact #6] Pollution in China can change the weather in the United States.

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