Essay on My Favourite Subject For Students

Essay on My Favourite Subject: Studies don’t sound interesting to students but their favourite subject can fill this gap. There are very few students who master all the subjects. But each student has a favourite subject in which he or she can perform extraordinarily.

When we start our schooling, there are many subjects to study such as English, Maths, Science, EVS, GK, Computers etc. Sooner or later students just find out their favourite subject. Gradually they come close to this subject and develop an affection for it.

Welcome to This page will help you compose an essay on my favourite subject for students and children. The essay given below is an example of how to write an essay on your favourite subject English, Maths, Science, Biology etc.

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Essay on My Favourite Subject- 500+ Words




Education is a vital part of life for humans. It ensures us a quality future. Schooling is the first step to gaining an education. When we start our schooling, there are a lot of subjects to study such as English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Environmental Studies, General knowledge etc.

Students have to study all the required subjects but each student has a special inclination toward one particular subject. This subject is referred to as his/her favourite subject. Having a great interest in a specific subject allow students to master it. No doubt there are also some students who do well in all subjects.

Essay on My Favourite Subject- English


There are many subjects I like but English is my favourite. I never get bored of it and am forever ready to study it. I always score well on the subject because I comprehend it well. Comprehension of a subject makes learning effortless and this is the reason I always manage to get good marks in English.

Since my childhood, my mom has always read me stories. Thus, I developed a habit of reading and listening to English stories. This helped me polish my reading skills. Having a good reading habit I can easily understand the concepts of other subjects too.


There are numerous reasons why I enjoy studying English. First of all, I like stories to read. I have a great collection of storybooks. The second reason is, It enhances my reading skills further. Apart from this, reading so many stories and information, I have developed a creative writing skills which won me many prizes in essay and article writing competitions.

Third, English helps me in forming excellent answers for other subjects as well. It offers me the experience to use correct words and sentences to convey my message nicely. After reading my answers my teachers appreciate my writing skills. Recently, I also started writing diaries and journals. My friends tell me to write some fictional stories too.


English is a language. The function of any language is to convey a message. The English language is most appropriate for sharing information because it states facts very clearly. Also, This language unlocks barriers to your growth. If you want to start your career in any professional field, the English language is a necessity.

In this modern era, the English language has evolved into a vital part of each existing field. Some decades ago a degree was enough to get a corporate job. But Today, The knowledge of the English language holds more value than a degree.


In conclusion, My favourite subject English has contributed a lot to my personal growth. It offered me to develop good writing and reading habits. Both these habits helped me understand other subjects well and write creative answers to questions asked in the examinations. The Subject has also won me multiple prizes and awards in writing competitions. At last, I want to say I just love English.

10 Lines Essay on My Favourite Subject for Class 2, 3

  1. My favourite subject is General Knowledge.
  2. This subject is not limited to a single field.
  3. It helps me improve my knowledge and facts.
  4. You can explore a lot of information related to sports, animals, planets, nature etc.
  5. I love to read G.K. Book whenever I get free time.
  1. Some of the facts written in G.K.’s Book make me amazed.
  2. I made a separate notebook in which I write some very interesting facts.
  3. I tell these facts to my parents, relatives and friends.
  4. They appreciate my knowledge but don’t let them know the source of my knowledge 😉.
  5. I eagerly wait to get to the new class so that I can get a new G.K. Book.
Essay on My Favourite Subject- 10 lines

100 Words Essay on My Favourite Subject For Class 10

I have to study many subjects in my syllabus but I like Mathematics the most. Maths is my favourite. I am addicted to solving maths problems. My friends refer to this subject as a difficult one but I don’t agree with them. This subject is very interesting because each of the questions is unique.

Since childhood, I liked playing with numbers, doing operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. With time I realised that Mathematics develops you as a problem-solving person. Your problem-solving attitude does not remain limited to mathematics rather you can find solutions to each problem you come across in life.

Faq’s- Essay on My Favourite Subject

  1. Which subject is considered the most difficult one for students?

    Most Students consider Mathematics the most difficult subject. But for those whose favourite subject is Maths, they find it an interesting one.

  2. What is a favourite Subject?

    A student refers to a favourite subject as one he or she likes the most and performs extraordinarily in.

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