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Essay On Diwali In English [Short & Long]

Diwali is the most loved festival in India. Every year kids wait for this festival eagerly. This festival is also called “Deepawali” & “The Festival of Lights” and it is a symbol of victory over evil. Diwali is celebrated in every corner of India.

In this article, we are sharing some examples of Essay On Diwali for kids and students of classes 1 to 8 in easy English. With the help of this article, you can write 5 to 10 Sentences (lines) and short essays of 120 to 150 words. Moreover, we have also included a long essay on Diwali for students.

Short Essay on Diwali in 250 Words


Diwali or Deepawali festival is a grand celebration of Hindus. On this day Lord Rama returned to his home in Ayodhya from Vanavas (forest life) after defeating the demon Ravana. It is primarily celebrated in India But this festival is famous around the globe.

This festival is also known as “The Festival Of Lights” as it signifies the victory of light over darkness. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. We celebrate Dhanteras and Chhoti Diwali Day before the main festival and Bhaiduj right the next day of Diwali.

Essay on Diwali | Introduction

Diwali celebration

Days before Diwali, we start cleaning our houses and painting them colourfully. We dispose of all the waste material, and junk items from our home. Markets also get full of crowds days beforehand this celebration. The entire scene of the city looks awesome.

On the day of Dhanteras, people buy golden and silver items as a symbol of wealth. Clothes, utensils, electric appliances etc. are sold massively. From the first ray of sun to the last minute of the day, shops are full of customers.

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On the day of Diwali, people decorate their homes with illumining candles, Diyas (Clay lamps), and colourful lighting. Girls make designer Rangolis. People wear dazzling clothes and we enjoy Diwali by bursting fireworks, sparklers, and crackers. We gather at night to worship the goddess of wealth, Laxmi and Lord Ganesh. We all relish various dishes and sweets.


To sum it up, we can say that Diwali is the biggest celebration in India. This celebration is interpreted as a representation of victory over evil. But as we all know bursting firecrackers harms our atmosphere, we must celebrate an environment-friendly Diwali and we need to spread awareness for the same.

500+ Words Essay on Diwali In English


Indian culture is full of celebrations. Diwali or Deepawali is one of them. This festival holds great significance in India. We can even say that it is the biggest celebration here. The meaning of Diwali is “the rows of lights”. People light up rows of Diyas and Candles everywhere and hence it is also known as “The Festival of Lights.”

Primarily, Diwali is a celebration of victory over evil. On this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating the demon Ravana, the people of Ayodhya welcomed Him by lighting rows of clay lamps. Since then we celebrate this day as Diwali.

Significance of the Diwali Festival

In every corner of India, Diwali is celebrated by almost every community. This is a sign of unity. The Festival of Deepawali brings several communities together. Deepawali is a fusion of love, Respect, oneness, and cultural values. People forget their disputes and try to forgive everyone on this day.

On this occasion, the Hindus worship the goddess Laxmi who is considered the god of wealth and prosperity. Merchants and shopkeepers open new account books on Deepawali. Markets get crowded because Before Diwali comes the festival of Dhanteras and later Bhai Dooj.

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The religious side of Diwali

Diwali is somewhere directly related to religious aspects. For Hindus, it is a celebration of the return of Lord Rama after completing his exile (forest life). According to Ramayana’s book, Lord Rama returned to his home at Ayodhya with his wife Sita, brother Laxman, and his huge devotee Hanuman after he defeated the demon Ravana.

When Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya, the people of Ayodhya welcomed Him by lighting clay lamps. Since then this practice has become a custom. As Lord Rama was welcomed by lighting Deep (clay lamp), this festival is called Deepavali.

Festival Environment on Diwali

People start cleaning their homes days before the festival of Diwali as they believe that the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi enters the home this day. They dispose of all the waste and junk from homes and paint them colourfully.

Apart from houses, markets also glitter amazingly. Markets fill with crowds of customers. People purchase clothes, ornaments, home appliances etc on the day of Dhanateras. Shopkeepers see a significant surge in their sales.

On the night of Diwali, all the family members get together to worship lord Laxmi-Ganesh. After that, we enjoy firecrackers, Sparklers, and various fireworks. Deepawali’s dark night looks awesome when colourful firecrackers pop up in the sky.

Downsides of the festival- Diwali

Even if the festival of Diwali is a symbol of Victory Over Evil. The very next day of Diwali, there is seen a high surge in air pollution because of bursting fireworks. This surge is not good for our health and environment.

Air pollution can lead us various respiratory problems. Also, it is a reason behind the problem of global warming which is again a critical issue to solve. So, we need to find ways to celebrate this festival eco-friendly.

Final words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, we can say that Diwali is a vastly celebrated festival in India. This celebration is interpreted as a representation of victory over evil. But as we all know bursting firecrackers harms our atmosphere as a high surge in pollution has been observed. So we should try to celebrate environment-friendly Deepawali and spread awareness among people for the same.

Essay on Diwali | Conclusion


  1. Why is Diwali celebrated?

    On this Day Lord Rama with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, Returned to his place after defeating the demon Ravana. To celebrate his victory, the citizens of Ayodhya welcome him by lighting rows of Diyas (Clay lamps). Since then this day is celebrated as Diwali.

  2. When is Diwali celebrated?

    Diwali is celebrated in the month of November or December. It is a festival of lights.

  3. How to write an essay on Diwali Festival?

    To write an essay on Diwali Festival, Follow the given steps
    1. Write an engaging introduction about this festival
    2. Think of some subheadings
    3. Write down subheadings and write about them
    4. At last, give a conclusion
    Your Essay on the Diwali festival is done.

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