Essay on Climate Change

5 Paragraph Essay on Climate Change

Essay On Climate Change: Forest fires, extreme temperatures, floods, hurricanes, storms and melting ice. These are the headlines that come to our minds when we hear or think about “climate change”. We have only one planet to live on, at least for the present. So, We don’t have an option but to reverse the conditions.


The climate is referred to the weather conditions of a region, which include temperature, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds. These weather conditions prevailed for years. The change in these weather conditions is defined as Climate Change. The climatic change affects not only living beings but also impacts the ecosystem of the earth. Many species have gone extinct due to climate change and some others are in the queue to suffer.

Essay on Climate Change- Introduction

What causes Climate change?

While human activities are the main driver of climate change today, there are some natural causes which are categorised into two categories. Category 1 includes volcanic eruption, tectonic plate movement, and Earth’s reflectivity. Category 2 includes Solar variations, Solar radiation, and Changes in the Earth’s orbit and rotation. Apart from this, human activities like burning fossil fuels, deforestation, pollution, Industrialisation, greenhouse gas emission etc. have fueled climate change more than any other cause.

Climate Change vs Global Warming

While many people get confused between climate change and global warming, it is quite simple to understand the difference between them. Climate change is a wider subject than Global warming. Global Warming refers to the change in the average temperature of the earth while climate change discusses the changes in the weather conditions which include humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds other than temperature.

What studies say about future

Scientists have analysed many indirect measures of climate, such as ice cores, tree rings, glacier lengths, ocean sediments, and changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun. They found if climate change continues similarly then it will impact each organism. The earth’s temperature will rise, sea levels will increase, the monsoon patterns will transform, and natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, storms, and avalanches will occur frequently. The ecosystem of the earth will get disturbed. Living life will become challenging and a day will come when the earth becomes lifeless.

Is Climate Change reversible?

We cannot stop climate change overnight, or even over the next several decades, we can slow down the rate and limit the amount of climate change by reducing human activities that cause climate change. With the combined efforts of the people and the government, we can do many things to control the speed of climate change. Firstly, Government should impose heavy punishment on those who are found involved in deforestation. Moreover, Industrial activities need to be scrutinised. People need to minimise the use of fossil fuels, They must adopt alternative sources of energy, such as hydropower, solar and wind energy.

Final words

To sum it up, it is not that late, we can undo the damages that have been caused by climate change. Also, human efforts can make sure that life exists on earth in future by refusing the practices that encourage climate change and by adopting eco-friendly alternatives. It is a very simple rule- “Give protection, take protection”.

Essay on Climate Change- Conclusion
  1. When did climate change start?

    It started long ago but we came to know about it in the last century after observing drastic changes in weather patterns.

  2. Can climate change be stopped?

    Yes, We can stop and control climatic change by adopting practices that support the environment to be balanced.

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