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Persuasive Speech On Climate Change

Climate change is a term that everyone must have heard about one day or another. It started long ago but we come to know about it in the last century when weather patterns started changing more rapidly than usual.

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Welcome and good morning to everyone. I am to deliver a speech on Climate change. Let me start with a true incident.

Rifugio Guide del Cervino“, a small mountain restaurant, started in 1984 at a location high in the Italian Alps (snow-covered mountain); Today it might be considered a subject of Switzerland. But its owner did not move it. “Then how did it happen?” This is what you might be thinking.

The reason behind this is Climate change. Yes, you heard it right. The restaurant was built on the northern border of Italy. The melting of glaciers caused Italy’s border to move towards Switzerland. Now, the restaurant has become a subject of dispute. This is one incident that explains the seriousness of the problem and how can climate change create complexities for us.

Climate change might be a buzzword for many but it is a concerning problem for humanity. Let’s understand what is climate change. For that one needs to understand the term climate. The climate is referred to the weather conditions of a region, which include temperature, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds. These weather conditions prevailed for years.

The change in these weather conditions is defined as Climate Change. The climatic change affects not only living beings but also impacts the ecosystem of the earth. Many species have gone extinct due to climate change and some others are in the queue to suffer.

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Climate Change started long ago but we come to know about it in the last century when weather patterns started changing more rapidly than usual. If we talk about the causes, there are many but human activities are the most responsible.

We, humans, do a lot of activities to run our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we also perform many activities that make our lives easier but cause harm to the environment on which our life depends. In the long term, it causes climate change which is the reason for extreme temperatures, floods, hurricanes, storms, forest fires, the transformation of monsoon patterns, the melting of glaciers etc.

So, there is a need to make each and everyone aware of those activities so that we can control this problematic situation. Those activities are fossil fuel burning, deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, pollution, etc.

With the combined efforts of the people and the government, we can do many things to control the speed of climate change. Firstly, Government should impose heavy punishment on those who are found involved in deforestation. Moreover, Industrial activities need to be scrutinised.

People need to minimise the use of fossil fuels, They must adopt alternative sources of energy, such as hydropower, solar and wind energy. Energy conservation can also help. It is not too late to control the situation.

This is what I wanted to say. Thank you for having me your attention.

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