Prepare a Brief Speech on Global Warming

Speech On Global Warming– Everyone might surely have had a fever in his lifetime. Fever is nothing but a rise in the average temperature of one’s physical body. This rise in temperature disturbs the internal ecosystem of the body. In the same way, our planet has a suitable average temperature to sustain life.

When this average temperature faces a rise, it is called Global warming. Global warming is just like a disease on the planet and it can alter the ecosystem of the global environment. Unluckily, it is increasing steadily.

1 Minute Speech On Global Warming

Hello All,

Before I deliver my speech I would like to wish you all the best wishes. And I also want to thank you a lot for having me a chance to share my views on Global Warming.

The life of any species depends on various factors. One of these is a balanced environment. An environment again is a group of many elements. Temperature is one of those. A suitable temperature is required for living a comfortable life. If the temperature gets disturbed, the whole ecosystem will work adversely.

Global warming is clearly a continuous increase in the earth’s average temperature. It is becoming a grim problem for the survival of life on this planet. Humanity is handling lots of negative impacts of global warming. As we know human activities have invited these conditions. Therefore, humans must take responsibility to tackle the problem.

There is a lot to tell but the time is limited and we should respect time so I have to stop here.

Thank you all for listening to my words. I hope you will have liked my speech.

1 Minute Speech On Global Warming

2 Minute Speech On Global Warming

Good morning all [wish according to time]

I wish you all the best wishes and greetings. And I also would like to thank you all for having me here to share my thoughts on Global Warming.

The increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface is known as Global Warming. It has become a grim problem for living beings on the planet. Scientists grant that the earth’s increasing temperature is fueling hotter and longer heatwaves, more common droughts, heavier rainfall, and more strong hurricanes.

There are some natural and some manmade causes of global warming. The natural ones are the Greenhouse effect, forest fires, volcanic eruptions etc whereas Human-generated causes are the emission of harmful gases (Greenhouse gases) like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, mining, deforestation and fossil fuel burning. In fact, Human activities are considered the largest cause of global warming.

If global warming continues, all of these circumstances will get more dangerous. Global warming is adversely hitting the life and ecosystem of Earth. It is a type of infection for the environment and we have to treat it. We need to restrict the natural calamities of the future.

Now, I have to stop here so that others can share their thoughts.

Thank you all for listening to my words. I hope you will have liked my speech.

3 Minute Speech On Global Warming

I wish you all the best wishes and greetings before delivering my speech on Global Warming. I am very grateful for having a chance to share my views on this grave problem.

Earth is the only identified planet that supports life. It is only because of its most appropriate environment. Temperature is one of the environment’s essential elements. A little rise or drop in the temperature can make or break this suitability. Unluckily, the earth’s average temperature is rapidly growing.

When Earth’s average temperature rises continuously, it is named Global Warming. The temperature of the Earth’s surface has risen more than one degree Fahrenheit in the last centenary. This increase is adversely influencing the life of living beings and the ecosystem of Earth. It transmits very severe effects on Earth’s atmosphere.

Scientists accept that the earth’s rising temperature is fueling longer and hotter heat waves, heavier rainfall, more frequent droughts and more powerful hurricanes.

To sum it up, Global warming is a serious problem for the planet. This is our duty to tackle it so that our coming generations can live a happy life. Every small step produces a broad change. So, we need to keep remembering our duties and follow them.

This is all my views on Global warming. Thank you so much for listening to my words.

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