Essay On My Best Friend [With Headings]

Best Essay on My Best Friend– A friend is someone who knows your past, believes in your future, and admits you just the way you are. A best friend is rare to find a person. Without friendship, there is no fun in life. They complete our lives.

We start making friends in schools but how important is a friend? This question is hard to answer but it is obvious that a friend is an irreplaceable person. No one can take a best friend’s place in any situation.

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10 Lines Essay On My Best Friend

1️⃣ I have many friends at my school, but my best friend is Virat. He has black eyes and black hair.
2️⃣ He is loved by all as he is a good boy, cute and attractive.
3️⃣ He is a very intelligent student and he also helps me in my studies.
4️⃣ He is a well-mannered and kind boy towards everyone.
5️⃣ He is also a funny guy who tells funny jokes.

6️⃣ I play and study with him and sit on the same bench. We also do lunch together.
7️⃣ My parents and his parents are good friends.
8️⃣ We both celebrate our birthdays with each other and give presents to each other.
9️⃣ I always pray to God to keep him safe and healthy.
🔟 I love my best friend very much and he too loves me. Our friendship is the best in the world.

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Essay On My Best Friend | Introduction

Friendship is one of the priceless gifts from God. We make many friends but we also have a special friend in our lives. We can call that special friend our best friend. A best friend is an important person in our lives. We discuss all our problems and achievements with our best fest friend.

My best friend’s name is Virat and he is also my classmate. I love his company. We are friends since our pre-school days. We both sit on the same bench in the class. he is very good at studies, so he is the favourite student of all my teachers.

Why I like him

I like Virat very much because of his great qualities and amazing habits. He possesses all the qualities that one needs to develop an extraordinary personality. He is not a selfish person. He always wants good for everyone. He does not get jealous of anyone. I like the moment when a sharp smile ignites on his lips. My best friend always smiles and shows gratitude to God for having anything in his life.

As I said earlier that he is very good at studies, He helps me in my studies and clears all my doubts related to studies. We both prepare for exams at his home. He always tries not to hurt anyone. He is also sympathetic towards animals and treats them well. He teaches me many different things other than studies. My best friend is like a knowledge source for me.


At last, having a special friend who supports you at every point of life is a fortune. A person like my best friend Virat is very rare to find. So I feel very lucky to be his friend. He is an inspiration and guide for me. He is my strength in life when I feel lost. My best friend always supports me. He is a mirror for me in which I can see my goodness and evils.

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Main Headings for Essay On My Best Friend

  1. Introduction
  2. His personality and looks
  3. His qualities and behaviour
  4. Importance of best friend
  5. Our friendship story
  6. Final words


If I tell you to define “friendship”. How do you define it? I will define it, “A friend is someone who knows your past, believes in your future, and admits you just the way you are.” Making good friends is rare. Friendship is not a blood relation but sometimes more than that.

I have a large number of friends but one among those stands out. He is my best friend. His name is Virat. He is a very simple and gentle boy. I feel an unusual connection between us. His behaviour is exceptional. I define true friendship because of him.

His Personality and Looks

He looks very simple but his simplicity is quite attractive because of his dressing sense. He always wears neat, clean, and ironed clothes. He never tries himself to look like a hero. He is a health-conscious person. So he keeps himself away from fast foods and unhealthy eating.

His skin colour is fair and his hair is black. I like his blue colour eyes. He is taller than me. his physique is awesome as he never forgets to go to the gym. My best friend is an all-rounder character in life. He gets to understand anything very easily.

His Qualities and Behaviour

His qualities inspire me to be like him. He is a very kind and caring guy not only towards humans but also towards animals and other living beings. he has a pet dog, a cat, a parrot, and a tortoise. He respects all be it elders or younger. He never gets jealous of anyone.

He always smiles and makes anyone smile in seconds. His positivity is high. Anyone can easily feel his positive attitude. He is an extrovert person so he easily makes friends. He behaves to everyone equally. My best friend’s behaviour can easily influence anyone.

Importance of Best Friend

We all start making friends from childhood. When we get to school, we meet a lot of classmates. Some of them create a tremendous effect on us because of their behaviour, looks, and other qualities. But we all have a person that connects to us uniquely than anyone other. We always need that person in our lives.

In my life, that person is my best friend Virat. He always helps me in every aspect of life be it studies or anything else. He is my strength in life. He always encourages me to go forward in life.

Our Friendship Story

We are friends since we were in our pre-school classes. Our friendship gradually became the talk to the class and slowly we became best friends. Even our teachers recognized it. But, thanks to all, anyone never tried to build distance between us as we complimented each other so well that even our teachers and parents appeared happy about it.

We used to help each other with studies as well as home assignments. If anyone of us could not attend the school because of any reason, the other one always got helped. I can’t spend a single day without interacting with my best friend.

Final words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Having a friend that inspires you, encourages you, and always stands by you at hard times is a good gift from God. sometimes this friendship is found more than blood relationships. My favourite quote on friendship is, ” A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This quote easily represents what real friendship is.

My best friend is a gem for me that has been blessed by God. I am very lucky to have a friend like him. I always pray to God to keep him healthy, happy, and safe.

Essay On My Best Friend | Conclusion

If you want to Give your essay a special look, put some Friendship Quotes in your Essay on My Best Friend.

Faq’s- Essay on My Best Friend

  1. Why is a best friend important?

    Best Friend is someone in life that understands your feelings more than even from family members. They help you in times you can’t ask from your family and relatives.

  2. When is best friend day 2020?

    In 2020, Best Friend Day will be celebrated on 8th June.

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