Short Paragraph on Good Manners [Top 3]

We all are always taught good manners by our elders and teachers. These good manners shape our personality and behaviour. Here below are give 3 Best paragraphs on good manners. Choose the one best for you.

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Paragraph on Good Manners | 100 Words

A set of good behaviours towards others is called good manners. These good manners are taught to us by our parents and family members first and then by our school teachers. Good Manners are important for everyone to become an exceptional personality.

Good manners build an individual into a great human being and are essential for It is not something that can be learnt at once. We adopt them in daily practice. Good manners are characteristics of a gentleman. Everyone should adopt good manners to make a distinct identity in society. Good manners bring us respect and appreciation in society.

Short Paragraph On Good Manners

Paragraph on Good Manners | 150 Words

Good manners decide the personality and behaviour of a person. Good manners hold extreme significance in one’s life. Everyone likes a person who bears good manners. Don’t you? It is human nature to like someone who treats everyone with love and respect. There is a saying, “Treat everyone as you want yourself to be treated”. It is correct, if you won’t respect anyone, who will respect you?

Good manners sometimes become your identity in society and you are well-recognised everywhere you go in society. Good manners are also a critical factor in achieving success. Have you ever listened about a person who got success bearing bad manners? Obviously, no. All successful personalities possess good manners. This is one of the secrets behind their success. We need to replicate this formula to be successful in life.

Paragraph on Good Manners | 250 Words

Good manners are the fundamental lesson taught to any child. A person with good manners is forever loved and cherished. These sorts of people hold a magnetic attraction in society. The quality of having good manners is the ladder to achieving success. So, Everyone must practise and follow good manners because they decide the character of a person.

How we can develop good manners to become a gentle person. Good manners develop over time and we understand that observation has more weight than teaching. Children use to observe and replicate the behaviour of persons all around them. So, it is also necessary for parents to adopt good manners instead of only educating their children about good manners.

Good manners assist us to enhance our character and offer a good position in society. Plus, these practices provide us with a chance to be liked and loved by everyone. Whether at home, school, college or any area of the world we should always respect our elders irrespective of appearance, creed or caste. Apart from respect, always speak politely to everyone be it a kid, youth or senior.

Moreover, generosity and helpfulness are also features of a gentleman. These qualities cause a person to be a true human. Words leave a magical influence on human beings. So always use “Thank You“, “Sorry“, “Excuse Me“, “Good Morning” and “Good Evening“. Using these words in daily life will shine your character and this will strengthen brotherhood and relations.

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